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Let's Try an Experiment!

Let's Try an Experiment!

OK, we all know that women don’t have a fucking clue about penis length, right? Yet we all read these “Perfect Penis” graphs and testimonies and are expected to make heads or tales of it all. I think there is a big issue we need to understand to correctly assess what info we are fed.

This issue is that women DO NOT think bpel or nbpel. They think of cock size as they see it. And that is us either standing while sporting a chubby or us laying on our backs supporting wood as well. This is how they percieve our dicks. They percieve them as the look at them. SO, when they are asked cock size, they will think of a measuring tape from the head to the spot on the bottom where our cocks go into our bodies. That is what they see and that is what registers as making sense. To be fair to us, when you go balls deep, that IS usable cock as well, meaning the underside by the balls. When you have her feet skyward and you are going for the gusto, just notice that it is all usable down there but not measureable according to bpel or nbpel. Fuck! If I measured to the middle of my balls, I come up with 9”. That is what I think most women would say my cock measures. That puts me in the porn/god arena! Heh Heh Heh. But you and I measure my cock to be just over 7”. I am not saying they are right and we are wrong. I think we measure it correctly and accurately. However, I think we are wrong by reading the stats circulated about what women like and cross referencing it to our standards. We are NOT talking apples to apples here.

So, here is the experiment I propose to you guys. The next time the subject of your big cock comes up with your SO, have her measure it. You go get the ruler or tape measure from the garage but hand it to her and have her give you instruction on how to do the measuring. I would be willing to bet she will have you lay on your back with a big chubby and she will measure from the head downwards to an area between your balls. Mayber even like you measure a cat’s tail, (Fome the tip of the tail to the asshole). I am quite curious just how many women will measure this way. I think it will be in the 90-95% range.

Are any of you guys up for this experiment with me? It would sure put in context the readings we find on supposedly “Perfect Penis Size”. I say if most women came in contact with a true 8-9” bpel cock, they would be nervous as hell and would shake like a dog shitting peach seeds.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.

Your friend,


Will do.

Now if only I could find a SO.

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I think you’re right Vinnie. We usually see the underside unless of course we are giving BJ. And there we still might be seeing the underside ;)

Before I knew the “correct” way to measure, my (ex)wives liked to measure the left or right side of my cock, instead of lying it on top and measuring straight out. That obviously yielded a different number, and underside to the balls yields yet another one. If you take the average, and if you take bpel on my very best days, the whole thing is within about .25” give or take. So I just say I’m 8”, and when I’m “happy” it’s stretching it’s neck looking for excitement. Official or not, that’s close enough for me. It’s been a good friend to all of us! LOL

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Originally Posted by Rita M.M.
I think you’re right Vinnie. We usually see the underside unless of course we are giving BJ. And there we still might be seeing the underside ;)

Heh Heh Heh I like the way you think girl.

Thanks for your input Rita.


I will have to ask my little lady… I bet you are correct.


Originally Posted by cub1961
I will have to ask my little lady… I bet you are correct.

Let us know what she says about it.


She wouldn’t say very much but thought that 20 years ago she would have thought from the bottom side of the shaft.


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