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Let's talk about jelqing

Is jelqing 10-15 minutes and day and working yourself up each week with a few more jelqs the way to go, or is jelqing twice a day, or as much as possible the way to go.if anyone has gained significant length/any length at all from the two a day method-jelqing as much as possible, please let me know


I’ll let you know in about a month tiger. I am doing the as much as I can method.


Just read any post by ULI or Wadzilla’f friend. They will testify to sucess from twice a day.


I’ve been reading many posts and I like this one. I started a thread of my own in the Newbie Forum that is similar to this one.

I might disagree with you about jelqing twice a day, everyday but I will try it for a month. I am one big procrastinator and not very consistent but I will try my best starting next week.

BTW you’re 5’3” with those stats; probably look like BiffyStiffy’s avatar

Originally Posted by soon10x7

BTW you’re 5’3” with those stats; probably look like BiffyStiffy’s avatar

I look like Danny Devito!!! LOL

Good Luck.


I read the post by wazilla/on the his friend-the big gainer.. And if I am understanding it right, it seems like once he started jelqing twice a day, he hit a way, and most of his success came from jelqing once a day every morning, and increasing the time by 2-3 minutes every week or so.

By the way, what is a ULI?- is it a good lengthening exercise?


I think ULIs are betterh for girth. I don’t know but I like to do them because it make the head huge!


What do you guys do while jelqing?

When I occasionally jelq, I come to Thunder’s and read posts. If I need a little extra blood in the unit I will look at a few pics of some Curvy Birds.

If I want to post while jelqing, I’ll do a jelq squeeze for a couple minutes and type with one hand.

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Lol, I usually use a porn mag or two to keep my unit up while in the shower. Then maybe later in the night I’ll bust out some good porn of my computer to help out while I jelq. I also think it helps me when I jelq after I masterbate because then my penis is in the perfect state ready to be jelqed :)

The problem with using my PC is that my hands are greasy from my lube.
I have a notebook (laptop) computer with a little knob for a mouse control that is hard to control with slick fingers.

I jelq at 50% erect so I don’t need a full blown erection.
Fifty-percent jelqing is great. My unit is not rigid but pliable enough to point downwards, and I don’t get any bruising but still can build up very high blood pressure.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

I agree with LoveMachine, I like to jelq sometime after I masturbate or have sex with my girlfriend, but not right after. Usually I wake up, do some edging, go to work, and all day at work my penis feels fuller and thicker. I get home, and if the lady-type isnt up for some bed olympics, I do it myself. Then I jelq, and let me tell you, I really like it a lot more. Haven’t been doing it for long, but so far I really like it a lot more. Try it and see for yourself.

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I did some jelqing last night a few hours after the 1.5 hour session of edging. It was just a little touchey at first but I fell right into the groove and what a nice unit I had after 10 minutes of slow, 3-5 second jelqs.


Something I have very slowly come to realise (or should I say ‘accept) is that, your rice sock or hot wrap, and stretches are only the beginning of a jelqing warm-up.

After about 100 jelqs these days, I would say I’m warmed up and ready to go full throttle.

That may be stating the obvious, but it’s taken me months of banging my head against a brick wall to truly understand that.



I know what you mean about the brick wall. I was jelqing at very rapid speeds and even though I did get some nice gains from it, it took me some time to realize that it really was hurting the veins on my left side. I thought it was the ULIs or Horse440s. After a process of elimination, however I traced the problem to the fast jelqs. This fucking revelation only took me 2.5 months! Take about a stupid fucker!

I guess that is why we all come here ZIGG. To learn from each other.
Well, and to look at Hog’s girlie pics……………..heh heh

Do good things my friend.


Oh, and don’t forget Joysticks pics as well!!!!!



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