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Let's give a big hand to Churchy Lefemme!


Let's give a big hand to Churchy Lefemme!

What a busy week it’s been, Halloween on Monday followed by Churchy’s Birthday on Tuesday, no connection :noreally: , it’s just coincidence that he lives in a swamp and has a big green blobby thing climbing all over his avatar.

Now then, if you’re at a loss as to what he would most like for his Birthday, I can point you in the right direction (even if I did promise his secret was safe with me), he’s partial to big ladies and I do mean big, in fact the bigger the better, anything in the 40 stone plus range would be perfect, which is where the big hand comes in, btw :spin2:

I say DW dearest, could you perhaps skip the cake on this occasion and haul his SO over from your ‘How Big is This?’ thread, he was well taken with her and I can’t lift her all by myself. Tit will help you I’m sure, give him a leg to carry and he can make a couple of trips, for the rest.

I do wish I’d looked at the calendar before I let off every last firework, so this will have to do :gift:

Hmmn a bit feeble!
How about this :lightning and this :bang:

That’s better, much more lively!

Have a great day Churchy :gulp:

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Congratulations, Churchy!

regards, mgus

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First a hap hap happy Birthday to you.!

Don’t take too much notice of Rue, he always gets excited (I almost said exited) when there’s a birthday around. -Means he can stuff himself with soft sponge cake soaked in brandy with a thick layer of iceing and cream. No-one else gets a look in but I know DW has a good selection of specially baked ones. so keep fingers crossed - just the fingers, we don’t want to inhibit you in anyway today.



:cheerlead Happy Birthday Churchy :cheerlead

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Happy Birthday Churchy_Lefemme

Cheers! :gulp:

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Happy Birthday Bro:)

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:gulp: Many Happy Returns%-\ Churchy..

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Happy birthday Churchy boy..!:gift:

Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday Churchy

Happy b-day Churchy! I hope you had a great one. :hb:


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