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Lesson Learnt

Lesson Learnt

Straight after the past few pe sessions, ive been putting a hair band around the base of my cock and I remains plump and big for ages after the session, the hair band acts like a cock ring in away I suppose. But tonight half and hour after my PE session i got the shock of my life when i went to the toilet and saw my dick was blue/dark. I was in the right place to shit myself thats for sure. Now I know it had turned blue due to no blood circulating in my dick, but im scared that I might have done some long term damage. Has anyone had their dick turn blue before? As soon as i took the band off i massaged it and my penis has returned to its normal colour, im just scared ive done some damage to it.

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The main damage was done to your brain. Like you said, lesson learnt.

Dude if you wake up tomorrow and your dick is laying next to you that’s a bad sign, it sounds like you caught it in time bro :)

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LOL Dino!

Well my dick will turn blue or purple from a regular condom, but it hasn’t fallen off yet. Lesson learned wear large condoms!

I am an athlete and get hurt more often than the average Joe. Let me help you read the colors on your skin.

Red - its OK, just a little impact or hit, should go away soon.
Purple - you got hit pretty bad, don’t touch it, it hurts. Should heal within few weeks.
Blue - your capillaries on your tissue got torn. Don’t worry, should heal completely in few weeks.
Brown - your purple or blue spot is about to heal in few days, you can also touch it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.
Black - you’re fucked!
Any other color besides your skin color - You really should not do drugs, or inject improper things into your body

The bottom line is, if your dick is blue, the only thing that you want to do with it in the next few weeks is pi. Don’t jerk off, don’t fuck, don’t open beer cans with it (people are crazy on this website about their dicks, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has already done that). Let the blue spot heal. If the blue spot turns black, call the doctor immediately. I don’t want to tell you why you should call your doctor if it turns black, because if I do, you want call him.

Again, don’t worry, if it Dark/purple/blue you should be OK in few weeks. And in future don’t choke your dick with a rubber hair band.

Hope your dick gets better,
John S.

Thanks for the info guys. Yeah my dick is fine, feels fine and looks fine.

JohnSchwab my dick was bruised or anything, it just turned blue due to cutting off some circulation. But boy was it scary.

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