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"Less Is More" routine after long break

"Less Is More" routine after long break

Hi guys!

I’m back here again, after 5 month break from PE.
I decided to start really slowly, just like in my first successful attempt to PE.
I was concerned with few things: I gain everything within first two months, with rather light, almost “warming up” exercises of newbie routine. Another thing - beside gaining (0.8” in length), I also observed negative PIs simultaneously, like slight loss of morning wood. I’ll try to focus more on kegels in new routine.

-10 min warm up
-one set of 30 sec stretch in every direction
-one set of 20 helicopter shakes
-150 jelqs
-200 2-sec kegels
-warm down
5 days on/2 days off

after each session I’ll add:
+ 5 jelqs
+ 20 kegels

Is it possible to repeat once again “newbie gains” with basic, easy sets? I’ll check it out soon :)

I’ve been on more than a year of deconditioning, and I plan on starting out with a newbie-ish routine also. From what’s been reported, gains can occur from this type of PE approach.

You know… it’s awful hard to type and try and concentrate on what to say while staring at your avatar Deny.

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I think the most important lesson to remember when starting up again is not to hurt yourself and it sounds like you are on that path. Going overboard and causing trauma is just self defeating. I think you will be surprised with your results. The thing to remember as you add more is that as soon as you feel that your after PE results have diminished slightly, back off a bit and continue at the previous level.

Yeah who is that avatar?

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Yeah who is that avatar?

Looks like Tera Patrick.

Thanks for advice gprent, and guys, of course the answer for most important question in this thread is: the name of avatar is Tera Patrick :)

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