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I have been doing PE for approximately 1 year. I have seen girth gains and am encouraged. Due to my schedule, I can only do about 8 thirty second pulls a day in the shower. Can this alone provide me length? Doesn’t appear to be lengthening.


I don’t claim to be a PE expert, but my guess would be that those stretches would not be enough to make any significant length gians. Then again it also depends on how long your stretches are. If you are serious about gaining length I would suggest finding the time to devote to a new routine.

Good Luck!

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I have the same problem as Tiodm69 - I only get minimal private time each night, so am kinda limited to that sort of routine. Is there any exercises, no matter how brutal that would make up for the time problems?

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8 30 second stretches.. that’s about 5 minutes worth. I’d recommend doing at least 10, probably 15. I do between 15-20, and others on here hang weight for hours at a time.

The thing with PE is this - you get out what you put in :)

Hey tiodm69,

What are you doing for a routine now?

I’ve known people on past forums who have gotten good length gains from hard jelqing.


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Re: Length

Originally posted by tiodm69

Due to my schedule, I can only do about 8 thirty second pulls a day….

With a year under your belt, 4 minutes of pulls per day is almost the same as nothing at all. If you’re serious about gains, you have to commit at least 15 minutes daily - bare minimum. Some guys do 30-45 minutes plus.

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