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Length vs. Girth Gains...

Length vs. Girth Gains...

Hey, all. I read somewhere (maybe on this forum or another one) that jelqing while in a less erect state is more conducive to gaining length. Conversely, jelqing while more erect will result in better girth gains.

Can anyone tell me if this is true or not? Regardless of the answer, are there different methods to gaining length and girth?

I must apologize in advance if any of the above questions have been asked before. I’m quite new to this forum (and jelqing too) and I’m just trying to get a head start on things.

Thanks so much for everyone’s help.

Jelqing at 50-60% puts more emphasis on length.
Jelqing at 70-90% puts more emphasis on girth.

Any jelqing under 50% doesn’t serve much of a purpose. You might as well do manual stretches instead of this.

Length Exercises:
Jelqing at 50%
Manual Stretches
All Day Stretcher

Girth Exercises:
Jelqing at 70%+
Horse Squeezes
Two-handed Squeezes
Overhand Squeezes
…….and probably more squeezes that I’m leaving out.

Also note that Stretching Exercises will produce base girth.

(Do some forum reading to find some more info on the different exercises, and how they're done)

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