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Length or girth routine?

Length or girth routine?

At the moment I don’t have much time/privacy to do more than 1 hour of exercises. I’m 8 inch bone pressed, I don’t know if it’s because of the fact that I lost a lot of weight (about 12 kilos) or because of the use of the Penimaster and the BIB Hanger (not regular).

So the question is, should I do some girth exercises like erect bends until I got the time again to spend more time hanging, my girth is ridiculous, about 5 inch. Most of the members prefer to do lengths exercises until they reach their goal, but I don’t think that a little more girth will hinder my future length gains.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Seems like you feel inadequate about your girth, so why not do some girth routines mixed with some manual stretches to ensure you maintain your current length and cement the gains, and you could pick up some girth while you are at it.


I agree with Melvin, and have nothing to add to what he’s said.

All I’ll say is that I was unhappy with my girth (still am to a point) and I went for length only to begin with, as going for girth may hamper your progress in the future (remember it is not an exact science). Anyway, I’ve gained some length, but really it’s the girth that’s improved things for me.

Originally Posted by LameSize
my girth is ridiculous, about 5 inch.

5 inches does not make a 7.5” BPEL penis a pencil IMO.

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