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Length or girth exercises first

Length or girth exercises first

I just want to know if you guys do your stretching exercises before your girth exercises or vise-versa. And have you gained?


If you are referring to stretching etc before jelging, Horses, etc yes, it is usually the case.

If you are referring to routines, the general opinion is first aim for length and later for girth, as it seems that a fatter dick makes it harder for length gains.

And no, nobody here has gained……….yet.


If you have the ability to split your workouts I reccomend the girth work in the am and the stretching in the pm. I find that it is easier to get and maintain the required erection level first thing in the am. The puffiness goes away in a couple of hours and by the time the stretch workout ensues there is no problem.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’m just the opposite. I get better wood after noon… :)

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Would it be better to see what dimension you’re “good at” gaining in, then just go for what you can get? Like if you gain length quicker, just go for length and worry about girth later and vice versa?

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