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lenght:what you think about this

lenght:what you think about this

Ok, I had a idea last night.
After the usual warm with water, hot like hell
I started to do a lot of circular stretches
in both the direction, from left to right and the opposite.

I stayed on it like 20/30 minutes
I mean, rotating it “VERY VERY CLOSE” to the body
and to the legs, with a good force.
I feel like that something new happening in the ligs at the base.
Like I am “weakening” them and preparing for the next step.
Prove and after you let me know…
I had used this before of course; but never with the
son intentionally soooooooooo closeeeeeee to the body.
You understand what I mean??????

After I went to the usual V-stretches A_stretches
and what else. Using all the kind of possibilities
and many kinds of fulcrum to force the ligs and the tunica.

It was like this time, the heavy rotations I have made before
had prepared the ligs very well, and the son after
“appeared” very worked and …”like” more long.
I want to try for a month and after I see if I have gained
some. Any of you has try ed this routine?


I think that you may be onto something here Xaixoit.

I have a bad shoulder and even though I may stretch the ligs while warming up, if I don’t do rotational stretches, I almost always get very sore after a workout.

Let us know how you go.


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