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If you have a heat lamp, why not warm up for let’s say, as long as you like, and keep the heat lamp on while your hanging?


The study showed 30 minutes and that’s what I was going by. I’m assuming, but don’t know of course, they would have tested the heating time and over 30 minutes might not have changed results? I don’t want to heat for so long that it is just wasted time, unless of course even more time would be better. Without evidence showing even more would be better I would prefer to use the 30 minute guideline. As far as keeping the heat lamp on the entire time, instead of allowing a cool down while the hanger is attached, I suppose the heat could be left on the entire time and then allow the cool down during traction wrapping. I like the idea of heating part of the hanging session and then starting the cool down while the hanger has it in a locked stable condition, but it may not make any difference. I’m new to hanging and trying to figure all this out well so I make the best choices. Less heating time might not provide a loosening of structure as much as 30 minutes and the study might have reflected this. Take anything I say at this stage with salt.

Edit: I now realise that Andrew said the study said extended time and then Andrew mentioned perhaps 30 minutes. Still, 30 minutes sounds good to me.

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Has anyone here done manual stretching with heat? eg. heat lamp? I’d like to fuse heating with stretching because of its obvious benefits, but a rice sock isn’t gonna work for manual. Any experiences or thoughts on this?


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