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Left side not growing

Left side not growing

Hello all.
My dick is starting to curve to the left because the right side is growing bigger than the left.
My left side is still growing and being effected by the PE but just not very much, though i’m alternating hands when jelqing and i believe i’m doing everything correctly. I’ve tried jelqing against the curve like many people have said but it doesn’t seem to be helping much (have only done it a few times though) so what do you guys think? should i just keep trying to jelq against the curve or is there a way i can put some extra mass on my left side?

Here’s a little bit about me.
I started PE a few months ago and been working my way up and making some good gains
but my dick isn’t turning out the way i’d like it to what with the curve, the differences in sides,
and i’m getting a baseball bat. so basically it’s bigger but it just looks kinda funny…
so i’m hoping to correct all these problems.
Any advice?

Hi anondude, welcome to this forum!

I seem to have the same problem.
My left side isn’t developing as good as my right side. My right side is bulged out and my unit has a left curve.
That has been so, as long as I can remember.
I don’t know if this is correct, since I’m not long enough into PE, but I think jelqing affects my right side more than my left.
That’s why I only jelq for 5-10 minutes and concentrate on manual stretching (20-30min).
From what I’ve read, jelqing causes a baseball bat shape, while stretching enlarges base girth.
I hope I can balance that out ;-)

Maybe other, more experienced members, can help you.
Keep us informed about your gains!

Greetings, JohnJohn

01.01.04: 6.75" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Next Goal: 7.50" BP x 5.50" . . . . Pics

01.03.04: 7.15" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Ultimate : 8.00" NBP x 6.00" . . . . Progress Report

Do erect bends against the curve - at least 5 minutes per workout. Also, do all your jelqing against it. Doing a few, and then complaining it didn’t work is to be expected, surely. It will take a long time to straighten your penis, as it will to enlarge it.

I have a curve to the left as well, and when I stretch its ALOT tighter in the left. Almost like a guitar chord, and it goes all the way down my pubic area. And I feel like my right side is not getting a stretch at all. Is this thrombrosis?

can sombody make a video of jelqing against a CURVE because i think i`m not doing it the right way. I have the same problem.

NOW : jan1-04 6.25x5.0 curve to the left about 40 degrees.

HOPE : 7x5.5 end of 2004 curve of 20 degrees or less.

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