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I quit pumping last late summer. I was impatient and I always overdid the pump thing.

I have been off and off with PE this past year, and doing more horse sqeezes. The
skin around my uncut glans is much thicker and “looser” now, which could be a factor

I think about picking up the pump now and then and I almost did the other day.

But no, pumping is not in the current equation.



I was thinking that the pumping was a negative issue and that since you quit pumping things started to grow. Any chance this could be the case?

I’m having a similiar effect from the horse squeezes.

Great exercise.



I do not have a clue.

I injured myself by intense haning in late May and early June, the type of injury only
an uncut guy would get. I felt something then. My suspicion is that the manual stuff,
which is lighter on the injury, somehow “accomodated” the change.

Part of this may be the way I choose to measure. I might have been cheating myself,
but the non bone pressed measurements cannot lie.

my theory


I have a theory that over pumping can adversly effect growth however like alot of PE there isn’t enough facts to support this idea.

Congrads on your progress and I hope all is well for you.


I think over-doing _any_ PE exercise can delay gains.



led and avocet8----------------

Well, now boys this is good stuff.

I think for “most” guys overdoing it can delay gains by over-stressing which causes the
member to tense up, frustrating the proper force to be applied to make the
tissues tear and fissure.

But, note that Bib was the exception to this for no one will ever be as intense as he was
for so long a period of time. It did not delay his gains and he only rested 2 days a week.
He will tell you that he was “gentically predisposed”, period.

But for “most” guys yes, I agree with both of you.

The problem here is that guys are soooooooooo different, with such a wide variation in
body types, genetics, etc., that one cannot even begin to generalize a “rule.”

There is NO rule on how much is too much. What is too much for Joe is too little for
Jack. The differences can be startling.

Fatigue and “shriveling” are good signs, but diminishing returns can set in long before
that or can occur afterward by varying degrees.


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