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Leaning head

Leaning head

I just noticed recently that I had a little curve on my penis to the left. I just never saw it from above before but something that I,ve allaways known is that my head is leaning a bit. When I look at it in the mirror it looks like the head is leaning outwards in the curve. Has anyone else noticed this with their penises. I for sure have never ever heard about it. I added a drawing just in case nobody understands. Do you have any tips on how to make it straight?

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Hi T-Bone,

Sorry to hear about your “leaning Johnsson”.

About a year ago, I awoke after a night of vigorous sex, only to find the head of my penis cranked over to the left about 45 degrees.
Upon further inspection I found a small indentation just beside the glans on the left side. what appears to be the cause of the “lean”.

If I were to expand your drawing (just a little) I would fit the pattern perfectly.

After considerable research, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the onset of “Peyronies” desease.

It is with this revelation that I have turned to PE as a method to correct this.
It has only been 8 weeks so far, too early to tell.

I am 63 , so this is not uncommon.

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.


Hi Sidewinder, I am 61, peyronies hit me hard 4 years ago, but not as a result of sexual activity. Had a kidney stone and the doc did a number on me going after the stone. PE has been a great lifesaver, in that I have totally restored the bends, had two. Also been able to get more sexually active and hopefully encourage others who have this problem. Work that plaque. I have successfully gotten it moved out. Plaque sets in where the bend was/is and you will have extreme pain in ejaculation. The urologists don’t have much help for us, so we have to resort to helping each other. Jelqing has been the greatest help. Stretching, v stretch and even hanging is still helping me. If you keep it up now, you might not lose length. I lost length because I didn’t know what I had and didn’t get help right away. Iowa

Its nice to hear that Im not allone. The thing is that its been there for years and with no pain involved at all. At the moment Im doing ADS to the right (like penis plus) with the head leaned to the other side to possibly correct this. I am allso going to start stretching before applying the ADS. Do you have any specific routine for this Iowa? How long did it take for you to start seeing results etc. Im definitly going to work this thing out one way or another.


Hard work! No pun intended. jelqing daily, v streches and anything you can to get that penis in shape! I find that many men are just not careful to keep in shape in this area. This was a problem with me. Since doing PE I am much more sexually active, have long endurance and much more confident with myself. It took a year to get the bends out and work the plaque. My routine was and is 10 minutes of jelqing, ten of stretching, daily. I used to use a pump three times a week to pull the bend out but don’t do that any longer. I have now began to hand for two 20 minutes sessons daily. At this time I am on low weights, and happy with that.

When you did jelqing, did you do really straight strokes or just against the bend Iowa. I,ve read on another site about a technique called “straight strokes” for peyronies but it was a paysite so that was about all I read. The problem is that I,m not sure that fixing the bend will bring back the head to a normal position. Maybe I should do a twist on my stroke in the other direction.

jelqing technique

Hi T-Bone Here is my comments on this: I use a jelqing procedure that put the front of my hand, ok sign next to pubic bone, pull out to end of penis, clear out, engorging the head, glans. When reach the 3/4 point on shaft, pick up the base of penis with other hand and squeeze the blood and pull out, catching again with the other hand. In the area where the bend was I squeeze harder and pull harder. Where you have a twist, pull the opposite direction or twist as you enter that area. Another super aggressive jelqing is this: using your right hand with semi erection, squeeze the blood off, locking it in the shaft and head. With other hand, using forefinger and thumb, slide from base to head, holding the blood the shaft with the other hand. Using the forefinger and thumb, rapidly you can engorge the shaft and mushroom the head with tremendous success. This was the turning point for me, using this method. Note, in pulling with the forefinger and thumb, do not go over the head, just engorge the shaft. You will be amazed how great a girth you will get and how it will decrease the bend. I have increased the girth substantially using this method. Hope you understand. The v stretch, with a flaccid penis, working the bend area and then doing the jelqing is going to give you a straighter member. It took me four years to get where I am and I had two bends, one a 90 degree at the end, behind the glans and one mid-shaft. The one at the glands quickly straightened but the other is and upward bend and I still work on that but it is straight most of the time, except with extreme erection. Getting better daily! Iowa

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