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Lawsuit against Dr. Chartham

Lawsuit against Dr. Chartham

I found this on the Net….it’s the text about a lawsuit against Dr. Chartham & his “Chartham Method.” There is interesting testimony for his behalf by Dr. Richards, M.D. of the U.K., but it wasn’t enough to overcome the bias against natural PE - and what a bias! The doctor who testified against Chartham wasn’t even a urologist - as is noted in the court papers.
But the court accepted Dr. Richards’ findings from his own 3-month study involving 64 test subjects. Dr. Richards recorded gains “ranging from 2.4 cm. to 3.6 cm. (.94 in. - 1.4 in.) in length and from 1.4 cm. to 3.1 cm. (.55 in. - 1.2 inc.) in girth (Tr. 142; RX-5).”
However, Richards himself said he wasn’t satisfied about the permanence of those gains, pending some long-term studies.
That seemed to be part of what screwed Dr. Chartham. According to the “legalese” experts, Chartham made claims which could not be substaniated, therefore he lost the case.
With stuff like this going on, it’s no wonder that other medical experts won’t undertake scientific studies about penis enlargement.
Some of the text…..

8. Dr. Brian Alfred Richards, a doctor of medicine in the United Kingdom, with bachelors degrees in medicine and surgery, testified for respondent. Following his internship, he served as a senior medical officer with the rank of major in Her Majesty’s 1st Brigade of Guards. Thereafter he returned to civilian medicine in general practice as a family physician, including areas of surgery, obstetrics, and psychiatry. His particular field of interest is sexual medicine which he described as a study of sexual dysfunction, its treatment and cure (Tr. 121-125). He is regarded by his peers as an expert in sexual medicine (Tr. 157). Approximately 50 percent of his practice is in the field of sexual medicine. He has seen many hundreds of patients in this area (Tr. 126). Many patients seek out Dr. Richards for his expertise in the area of sexual dysfunction and others are referred to him by other physicians (Tr. 202). For several years he has lectured on the subject of sexual medicine at hospitals and post-graduate medical schools (Tr. 126-127). He has written about 100 articles in the field and is a member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Sexual Medicine, a reputable journal read almost exclusively by the medical profession (Tr. 127-129).

9. Dr. Richards first learned of the “Chartham Method” when it was mentioned to him by a patient who claimed to have used it with success. Some time later he ordered it through the mail in the course of investigating various sexual aids in connection with his interest and practice in sexual medicine (Tr. 164, 165). In mid-1975, at a luncheon attended by several persons interested in the field of sexual medicine including a representative of respondent, Dr. Richards was invited to conduct a trial on the “Chartham Method,” Dr. Richards to provide the expertise and labor, respondent to provide the equipment free of charge. Dr. Richards agreed, thinking such a trial would be useful. According to Dr. Richards, he was not paid to conduct the test, has no interest in the company distributing the “Chartham Method”, and his fee for testifying is in no way dependent on the outcome of this proceeding (Tr. 180).

10. Dr. Richards conducted the trial and prepared a report thereon received in evidence as respondent’s exhibit 5. Sixty-four randomly selected patients of Dr. Richards participated in the study, thirty-two as test subjects using the “Chartham Method” and thirty-two as a control group (Tr. 140, 186). Dr. Richards excluded from the test group those who by reason of special problems or conditions would cause confusional factors (Tr. 192). None of the test subjects had what Dr. Richards would characterize as an underdeveloped penis (Tr. 184).

11. The trial lasted approximately three months. It began with measurement of the penis of each test subject at maximal erection. Length was measured with a metal rule and slide marker, the base of the rule being placed on the pubic symphysis and pressed firmly against it. The slide was then moved to the top of the glans where the measurement was read. Girth was measured with a flexible metal tape at a position one inch proximal to the coronal sulcus. The same technicians conducted all measurements throughout the trial with the object of reducing personal error factors (RX-5).

12. After the initial measurements, test subjects were instructed in the “Chartham Method” and told to start practicing it (Tr. 139). Insofar as possible the penis of each subject was thereafter measured, in the method above described, on a weekly basis (Tr. 139, 140). Dr. Richards recorded each measurement. Of the test subjects two dropped out of the test and two achieved no gain in dimensions. Dr. Richards recorded gains among the twenty-eight remaining subjects ranging from 2.4 cm. to 3.6 cm. (.94 in. - 1.4 in.) in length and from 1.4 cm. to 3.1 cm. (.55 in. - 1.2 inc.) in girth (Tr. 142; RX-5). No changes of any significance were found in the measurements taken of the control subjects (Tr. 145, 146). He reported the success rate as 87.5 percent in the test group (Tr. 143). In Dr. Richards’ opinion, the study was conducted in accordance with prevalent medical and scientific standards (Tr. 142). The report of Dr. Richards’ study has been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine (Tr. 143).

13. Dr. Richards’ conclusion as a result of the test was that the “Chartham Method” is a very certain and very positive working method for enlargement of the penis (Tr. 146, 147). His rationale for the results observed was that as the result of the intense application of the “Chartham Method” for three months the actual tissue spaces of the penis had increased sufficiently to account for the changes in measurement; that the tissue spaces of the erectile tissue of the penis had been expanded to the extent that they would accept more blood during erection (Tr. 146, 147).

14. In Dr. Richards’ opinion the “Chartham Method” will enable a large percentage of males to enlarge the dimension of the penis and, to his satisfaction, is a scientifically evaluated and proven effective means for so doing. Further, in his opinion, it incorporates new and significantly different principles from all other methods and products intended to increase the size of the penis that he knows of (Tr. 148).

15. Dr. Richards was skeptical that enlargement of the penis produced by the “Chartham Method” would be sustained for any considerable length of time. He will not be satisfied on that point until he has done further investigation (Tr. 208, 211).

Yeah, what it all boils down to is that there is not sufficient proof that PE gains are permanent or long-term to cause the establishment to reverse their consensus that natural PE is bogus.

While there’s no evidence that it’s permanent, there’s also no evidence that it ISN’T permanent, either. Yet if you listen to the so-called “experts”, they act as if it’s been unequivocally proven to be ineffective.

Yet the one short term study that’s been done shows that it is effective in the short term. One would think that with such limited, but encouraging, data, the supposed experts might be a little more open minded to the possibility that there just might be something to this stuff.


>One would think that with such limited, but encouraging, data, the supposed experts might be a little more open minded to the possibility that there just might be something to this stuff.<

No, there will be no interest. Where’s the money for them?



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