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Latex molding kit to chart your PE progress.

Latex molding kit to chart your PE progress.

My girlfriend & I are going to purchase one of those latex mold kits for making homemade dildo’s.

I reckon this can be a valuable tool in charting your PE progress, you simply take a mold of your cock as it stands today & then another one after say, 6-months or so of solid committed PE. By using the mold’s, you would be able to really see the difference in both length & girth instead of having to look in the mirror or looking down at the thing!

Anyone done this already?

- Lee Beast

Wow, that would be a great idea.

How much is it?

My girlfriend & I don’t really know which one to go for yet, there are several products out there. We’re looking at a site that sells a kit called ‘Clone A Willy & Pussy Kit Combo’ which sells for $99.99. Prices for products start from as little as $39.99 - $99.99 depending what it is you’re after.

Don’t know whether I’m permitted to add a link to the site here at TP’s, if I am then I’ll add one straight away.

- Lee Beast

Originally Posted by slipstream
There’s been some discussion about it here: Clone A Willy Kit, Make a mold of your unit, Make your own dildo kits, courtesy of your friendly search button.

Didn’t realise it had been discussed already (my bad!), as I’ve never used the search button before.

- Lee Beast

Make sure you have plenty of moulding powder.

It can be quite tricky.

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