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Latest BPM HELP !!!!!!

Latest BPM HELP !!!!!!

I finally got the courage to measure the Beast and I have to say that im really disapponted but I only measured at 7.5 inches hard about 6 inches flaccid. now I know that is not so bad. I was so hoping to get a inch on the 9.5 months I was on the boat for the war. I only gained a half inch.

What I want and please dont make me beg but Does anyone here use the Zekeman strecher. Please I need to find out how to use this THING without getting sore and having blood come out my piss slit. I also dont get as hard as I used to. I started doing pe about 3 years ago an I started at what I think was 6.5 hard but honestly I think it was less than that. So in 3 years I only gained a little over an inch Im really statrting to worry big time.

If anyone has any modifications to the wooden dowls please let me no also any pics would be awesome

Thanx dudes

Warriors Creed
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You gained over an inch and you are worried? Why?

As to not getting hard as before, take a break of PE and all other stuff involved with the penis for a week or two, and see how the beast reacts.

I don’t know your age but many things may have a say in that - smoking, age, constant PE, etc…


I am 35 years old but I do think that I beat my penis down so bad for so long that I think I will take a break also I can say that stress has a huge thing to do with it. I worry because if I have hit a no grow point then I need to get past it.


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