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Last attempt for Girth, before something more drastic.


Lol, you think you have problems? Right beneath the head, I’m 6.25”, mid-shaft I’m 7.05”, and about 7.5-7.75” base girth, I always seems to have problems getting a consistent measurement there because I always have to get my balls out of the way and it’s a pain in the ass to keep a full blown erection and try to move my balls out of the way to measure my base. I wish it was a uniform 6.75” or so and I would be very happy because it looks funny when I profile in the mirror. For it’s girth I’m kind of short, about 8.6-8.75 nbpel. I may even be cheating with that, I can’t tell but I may be pushing hard enough the ruler may be bending, I don’t know but I could easily be cheating myself some length, anyway, I’ll post pics with my camera as soon as I can get software installed. It’s an older model camera some 2mb Cannon Elf or something, it’s a hand-me-down from Mom. But at least on my Fiancee’s PC it says she needs service pack 2 to install but she already has that downloaded, maybe that software just sucks with new Windows stuff. Anyway back on to subject.

I got alot of girth, started at 5.75” or so midshaft, by doing semi-erect bends, I don’t know if you’d call them Orange Bends, but sometimes, about three-quarters of the time I become so aroused that if I don’t let go I’m going to have an orgasm. I avoid that like the plague when I PE despite what many say. Anyway(right as I feel orgasm approaching), at that time I take the bending hand off the wee-wee(while keepings the tourniquet grip), wait a moment and I feel a huge rush of blood flow into my penis. At that moment I grab again with the bending hand and continue bending(careful to avoid orgasm). This takes some practice to achieve but I attribute much of my gains to this.

However, it should be noted, that there is sometimes so much of a pressure build up in my penis during erect bends that sometimes on my head I will bleed ever so slightly. I don’t know the anatomy of the penis well enough to say what it is that is bleeding within the head, but it is right behind the uretheral opening(within the urethra), no more than a one-quarter inch back that bleeds from the pressure. So I have taken it gently as of late not to encourage my member to burst open. So do take caution when performing these. Maybe this will help a bit, who knows?


Plastic ruler instead of wood

Wow, pushing so hard you bend the ruler. Why didn’t I think of that, and easy way to gain length.
Andrew. Nice girth. Actually women love the traffic cone shape. It’s the best of both worlds for them. It is easy on them going in, yet they still get the pleasure of a thick dick when you bottom out. However with that kind of length going on there is probably not too many women around could take a real bone to bone pounding from you.

Take it easy on the pressure you use on those bends. Bleeding is not good.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Wow, pushing so hard you bend the ruler. Why didn’t I think of that, and easy way to gain length.

That must be the missing link to some of the extra big gainers… ;)

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