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Laser for Discoloration (Spots)

Laser for Discoloration (Spots)

Hi Guys,

Well, I’ve continued my lurking and PE’ing without much posting. The one main concern I’ve had has been the spots or “freckles”, as I would like to call them, that I have developed from some stupid (for lack of better words) PE’ing. I went to my dermatologist today to talk w/her about these and was told that laser was the only way to go. I realize a lot of people have done the whole shedding/pealing; however, has anyone done any kind of laser work?

Basically what I’ve been told is that it collapses that capillary where the blood is dried up and trapped :/. I’m going to look into it, see if I can fool around with my insurance company to have them cover it since I’m unsure of the price.

Any input guys? I have yet to see anyone with these get rid of them, so I may play the guinea pig!

IMO that isn’t such a good dermatologist because I remember reading something on here about a guy who went to his dermatologist and the doc gave him something that is exactly like the wart remover only it doesn’t burn or anything, it just sheds off the skin. He had pics and it looked like it worked great. Do some more searching and ask your dermatologist about it.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

Think the thread was peel the snake or something.

I understand the whole “peeling” notion; however, maybe I’ve read it over wrong. It doesn’t seem like I can do much, atleast from my POV, to get rid of this. If blood is dried and trapped in broken capillaries, how else could you possibly remove it?

What you’re describing, footeddie, is exactly the type of discoloration that chemical peels can cure.

However, if the freckles are on your glans, you might want to start out with a mild treatment, since the skin on the glans is especially delicate.

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I understand “sort of” what your saying modesto, but it seems like I’d only apply dots, where the “freckles” are. I think this might look even worse :/.

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