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Larger straight after exercises?


Larger straight after exercises?

Hi there, my first post!!!

Ok, I have been PE’n for about 6 weeks and I have a few questions….

My workout:

5 days on (mon-fri) weekends off

1: warmup by putting my tool into a jug of hot/warm water for about 5-10 mins + massage
2: about 300-500 medium strength 2-3 second wet jelqs
3: stretches in all directions for about 20 seconds each
4: cooldown - same as warmup

my stats:

el: 6.75”-7.0” - depending on how hard I am
eg: 4.75”

First off, right after a workout am I supposed to be larger than what I am with a full erection? because I’m still the same…..

I don’t get this as all the posts I have read say that their tools “blow up” so to speak…

What does it mean if I’m not larger after a workout? will I not get any size increase through PE?

Anyway to remedie this?

Thanks for you time and look forward to hearing from you guys…


What does it mean if I’m not larger after a workout? will I not get any size increase through PE? Anyway to remedie this?

I think most are refering to a temporary increase in flaccid hang. The amt of time it stays “plump” may vary, but there should be a notable difference immediately after workout. I personally don’t note any difference in erect or stretched size.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Damn that was a quick reply!

Ok thanks, I have read in quite a few posts that there is a size increase directly after a workout, although it might be like you said, flacid.

I do indeed have more size flacid after a workout, but not erect, maybe it is normal then….

Anyone else notice this?


I’ve never seen temporary length gains after a PE workout. Girth gains are there with certain exercises.

i believe HughJorgan9 once got a gain of 0.5” errect length immeadiately after 2 hours of squeezes, unfortunately this subsided to a 0.25” perminant gain within a week. lol.


Shooting for 9"

This is good and bad… hmmmm I get more responce from this forum than a PE site I have actualy paid for!!!

Good going guys, I appreciate it!!!


I’m usually 0.25” longer after a PE workout, but that subsides.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hey YGuy, hows things?

Is that size in erect or flacid? length or girth?

Just wondering if the reason behind easy gainers getting quick gains and slow gainers/no gainers getting nothing quick or at all is because the penis tissue is not “pliable”

Maybe its got nothing to do with it? I dont know….



Besides my hands aching today, its going alright.

I meant 0.25” longer in erect length. My girth is atleast 0.25” bigger erect too. And obviously the flaccid size increases as well.

After a 2 hour workout of stretching and jelqing, I better damn well be a little longer in erect length lol. I have it triggered in my head that if I’m not bigger in the erect state following a workout, then it wasn’t a good quality workout.

Not sure if this helps any.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

No problem YGuy, after that long of exercise I would be really p***** off if I wasnt any bigger!

Goto be a reason why some guys gain quick and other get little if any results…. maybe just genetics, I dunno.

Another thing is that I have also got a pump, fair enough i goto about 5 on the meter and it looks like my dick is harder it doesnt look any bigger, yet I have read here that guys “expand to fill the tube” kind of thing…. doesn’t happen with me…

Could this kind of thing be the reason why some guys gain faster than others?

Opinions please… goto be a way round it!

Again if I’m talking sh*t and someone knows better please correct me!


The possibilities are endless:

- Genetics
- How well you do the exercises(technique)
- If you’ve found the right exercises for yourself
- Consistency
- Your body’s health(exercise)
- Nutrition
- Rest
- Positive thinking (attitude)
- How well your body recovers
- If you’re overworking/underworking your penis
- Variation of exercise
… and so on.. and so on…

There’s so many reasons why some are slow gainers and while others are fast gainers. I try not to worry about that anymore, but still try to do the best I can in most of these areas.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hey Yguy,

Yeah I see your point… lots of reasons, I think there was a thread on here somewhere of opinions of twins doing PE, I will have a search through them, maybe genetics wont pay a part for twins…

I will do some more research!!!


I had this ONE workout …I believe someone like Secjay maybe? reported a similar experience to mine….I did a very intense squeezing routine that lasted right around an hour and a halfish….I shit you not I was a full 1/2” bigger in erect girth (I measured because it was SO noticable)the entire length of my penis. This increase lasted for most of the day but, was gone by the next morning. I think it had to have been some sort of swelling from shock..from such an intense workout and or fluid retention under the skin. I have not been able to duplicate that effect which pisses me off …its like my penis adapted to that level of intensity overnight. So yes, with an intense jelqng/squeezing/hanging or stretching routine yes, you can be bigger even though most times only temporarily. Dont let the temporary part discourage you though as it does many men…you keep temporarily enlarging it like that and you will over time (depending on your body) start to get permanent increases.


Ok, so say a person does PE, but doesnt ever get any temporary increases… what would you suggest?

As it stands with my routine posted earlier, I dont get any increases at all after PE, with one exception, exercises such as squeezes do increase my girth if i measure when I’m in the middle of a squeeze.

Does anyone else get the same as me? have you gained any size?



Well Fic, my reply may shock you at first. Being that you have only been into PE as you stated for 6 WEEKS. You are probably first off expecting gains WAY too soon. I personally didnt see ANY gains for my first couple months. Secondly, you may want to only focus on ONE exercise for now. Figure out what you want the most length or girth and pick an exercise which seems the most effective/suitable to you. I’d suggest after you decide you want to go for say, length…read all you can on a particular exercise such as the DLD “A” stretch (use the search feature) and then start doing that exercise for I dunno at least 30 minutes a day …..I wont lay out a routine…I dont feel thats an appropriate thing to try and do for someone. Read the FAQ area, read up on an exercise or two at most for whatever you decide you want most right now and then come up with your own routine. The most important factor being to STICK WITH IT and not get distraught after a mere few WEEKS. Good that you are asking questions though.

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