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Larger straight after exercises?


OK thanks for your reply, I really don’t expect to see gains in such a short space of time (although it would be nice), what concerned me was the temporary increases people seem to be having where as I don’t, when guys such as yourself started out did you see any temporary increases?

I’m curious because I don’t want to spend the next 6 months to a year doing something wrong!

Other than this is there anything else to suggest that your doing things right?

One thing I do notice after training is that down the top/middle of my shaft there seems to be a vein? (in runs down the length of my shaft) that gets extremely hard and does kind of hurt when you push down on it, any ideas what that is? it does concern me.

Anyway I have rambled on enough, I just don’t want anyone getting the impression that I expect to be huge in a month, I’m just trying to find out as much info as possible and what the indicators are that show you are doing things right.



Yes from what I recall even my earliest workouts…I did get a donut effect (fluid retention in the area of the circumcision scar) or some minor swelling. As your workouts evolve and you get better at getting in more efficient workouts you should experience some sort of swelling. It may not be every workout but, at least on occasion I would think. That’s just what I have experienced in the past. Regarding what you perceive as a hard vien…is it just hard right after a jelq session? Or does it stay that way for a day or so? Also, what type of grip do you use when you jelq? Depending on where you are putting the pressure on your penis (sides or top and bottom) you may be causing this hard vien. If it stays hard for a day or so after a workout you may be causing a thrombosed vien. This as far as I know from what I have been told when I’ve gotten them is just a temporary blockage of a vien from putting too much pressure on the vien.

Thanks for you quick reply.

OK, I do occasionally get some swelling, but nothing that would cause much if any size difference, although I might sometimes get the donut effect.

This vein?, OK it runs down the top of my shaft, along the entire length, it is only hard after jelqing, I have known it to get like that after I have used a pump too. If I left the pump on for much more than about 20 mins at say 5 inches of mercury I can replicate it.

I used quite a firm grip when jelqing and go quite slow, I suppose I would be putting more pressure on the top and bottom of the shaft, although I do try to even it out. Its not normally visible and after exercise it does look slightly proud above the top of the shaft, one thing I do notice is that its not “straight” it seems to snake a bit from left to right down the shaft.

It doesn’t last long, maybe an hour after exercise at most, but if I apply a bit of pressure to it it does kind of ache.



What I meant when I asked what type of grip you use when jelqing was….do you use an over hand grip in other words your index finger and thumb are closest to your body and your pinkie is going away from you(palm down toward the ground ‘ok’ grip. When you jelq this way, you should be getting most of the pressure on the sides of your penis rather than top and bottom. Not only that but, being that you can grip closer to the body at the start of each rep (I would push against my abdomen at the beginning of a rep, kegel, then perform the rep) you will be less likely if at all to develop a smaller space at the bottom of your penis like you might if you used an underhand grip with your palm up.

Hi, oh right, I get you, I use an overhand grip where my little finger is away from me.

Hope this helps,



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