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landmark occasion...

landmark occasion...

well, sort of.

I switched from length to girth about 5 weeks ago, after achieving my length goal. My routine consists of intermittent jelqing & ulis with pumping… 5 min. jelq, 5 min pump, 5 min jelq, 5 min pump, followed by 2 sets of ulis, 5 min. pump, 2 more sets of ulis, and 5 min pump. (all pumping is done at >5 hg).

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been finding my pump to be a tighter & tighter fit… especially towards the end of my routine (a good sign, I figured).

Well, today it finally happened: after my last set of ulis, I shook my penis out, got it to 80% erect, and grabbed my pump… only to find that I couldn’t get my dick inside it! No matter how much I wiggled & pulled, it just would not go in there! Even lubricated, it was just too fat to fit inside the cylinder.

I sat there and laughed to myself for a few minutes, then proceeded on to my post-workout “cool down”.

I guess it’s time to buy the next size! ;-)

Wonderful news. I hope we all get to experience a high like that :)


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