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lame erection is result of stretching

lame erection is result of stretching

This is definitely what I have found. The quality of my erection negatively correlates to how much and how recently I’ve stretched. So my question is- do a lot of guys have this problem and just stretch anyway, thinking of long term length gains? I know that others have said the same thing about stretching, but I haven’t really gathered if it’s a majority or a minority of stretchers.

My personal experiences so far has been no negative affects on my ability to procure an erection out of the hat, so to speak!

I believe that, depending on your personal circumstances, allow for enough time to heal and recover before you need to use your boy for your girl.

I find that PC flexes have allowed me to maintain an erection in varying hardness degrees. If I want to remain semi-erect, I can do so, just as well as maintaining a full-blown erection.

I can’t speak for other people, though I just thought you might like to hear about my experience.


Yes, stretching has caused problems for me, but after a year of off and on PE, I’ve finally found a way to start stretching and still maintain a solid, blue-steel erection. Here’s what I’ve done to alleviate the problem:

I started back up in February, only doing jelqing. For me, jelqing causes my erections to be very hard. I’ve also been doing a lot of kegel work.

After a month of just jelqing, I tried some light stretching but had a little trouble maintaining my erection. I stopped stretching and went back to just jelqing. Still doing kegels.

Now, 2 months later, I’m finally able to do some light stretching. I’ve been doing JAIs, maybe 25 reps, before I go to bed (no warmup). Then, the next morning, I do my jelq routine. I’ve done this every other day this week, and I haven’t had one problem. I get this weird feeling after I stretch as if it wants to be stretched even more, but the jelqing in the morning knocks that feeling out, and things are back to normal. Plus, lots of kegels.

I think that the more conditioned your dick is through jelqing, the better it can handle stretching. Try doing a just jelqing routine for a couple of months, then start into some light stretching every other day and see what happens.

I have had the exact opposite happen with my stretching… Are you doing anything with weights or just manual stretching with your hands?

I’m not using weights, just manual stretching.

For anyone who has had a modest gain of about an inch or so, can you see the gains even when you get a so-so erection, or do you think your member just expands to a larger maximum now?

I started out at 4.8” length (damn genetics…) and now I’m 6.3”. The gain is 100% visible even with a so-so erection.

I too have found that stretching has made my erection softer, and doesn’t last as long. I remember back in the days before I started PE I could get a rock hard erection very easily, eg. for masturbation, in a short amount of time… although I think this could be because at 4.8” I had a lot less volume to fill.

Anyway, I have had anxieties about this and every time I think of being 20 something with a 7 inch dick but terrible erections it makes me feel like quitting PE or just sticking to jelqing… but on the other hand I want more length so bad!

Fortunately for my sanity, I neglected kegels for the past 11 months or so of my PE career and only started doing them frequently this week (250 or so kegels every other day). Hopefully its working!

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I do kegels when I’m doing quasi-DLD blasters and also as I do my jelq/uli/horse 440 routine in the shower. That seems sufficient, doesn’t it?

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