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KY Jelly vs Vaseline

KY Jelly vs Vaseline

I used Vaseline before, but it is realy messy and it clogs the bathtub after I towl and try to clean it off. I’ve never seen KY jelly and I’d like to know if it is better to use?

Yeah its great. Worth checking out the liquid too.

Also if you are using KY it can be a good idea to keep a tub of water handy as you PE to revive it, as it tends to lose hydration after a while.

cooking oil & hand lotion

I have tried everything for jelqing and masturbating and nothing beats a 50-50 mixture of cooking oil and any hand lotion. You only apply it once, it wipes up with a towel or wash cloth, and it is cheap. Good pullin, MXL

I am a total KY convert. The simple secret to using it is to dip into a bowl of warm water as it dries out. This way, the stuff will perform endlessly.

I’ve been using Johnson’s baby oil gel for years. It stays very oily throughout long sessions, but requires a little effort to clean up. Dial anti-bacterial soap will remove it very well, though I’m leery of the Dial drying out my skin. When using regular hand soap to clean up a little bit of the oil seems to remain behind, but this is probably very good for you skin. I’ve never gotten any scars, stretch marks, or discoloration.



Hand lotion + baby oil or KY



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