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Knowing too much?

Knowing too much?

I was watching TV last night,a comedian was being interviewed about his new show.It was about penis.He reseached books, on the net,and wrote a questionaire (heaps of questions)for men and women to answer.Then nuse the info to write his act.

In the interview he stated, refering to his own sexlife,now knowing a great deal more about the sudject,he had times when he found it hard to get it hard.As he keeped

thinking about the mechanics of the penis and erections.

I wonder if we also come to this problem,instead of being blissfully unawares.Knowing too much!

My outlook is the more the better. When I first started PE I only knew about the pumps and bought one. Back then there wasn’t much about PE and not many products on the market. The pump did not come with instructions so i just sat there and kept my cock in the tube at high pressure for an hour or two. Sure afterwards i was pumped but I could of damaged my erection. I got frustrated and quit after 4 months of “big today, small tomorrow”.

Awhile after that I found Tom Hubbards site and it entailed noose hanging. I made my stretcher and hung with little knowledge and hurt myself. I thought I was doing it right and Toms site was fairly new so he hadn’t went through all the trial and error yet so to me it was the way to go.

Through the years PE evolved more into a science and people were becoming educated enthusiasts. This helped make PE what it is today. This board is full of vast knowledge and we learn through other people’s trial and error and innovative strategies. This knowledge has helped people pass their insecurities and anxiety of PE and brought on new techniques that simply “work”.

To me the knowledge gives me a wide range of options and sparks imagination. It also helps me become more in tune with my penis which helps while PEing. I didn’t have this back then when PE was in it’s infancy. You couldn’t come to a place like this because it wasn’t there. With everything I’ve learned on the boards I’d say I’m well educated and more secure with putting stress on my cock. I wish I had a place like this back in the stone age of PE.

great post aarzakk

Restarting everything.


yeah saw that to, Richard Herring is his name. He also went on to say how 25% of men in the survey felt inadequate or had issues relating to size, personally I think this is higher, but interesting topic. As for knowing too much, you can never know too much, obsessing well I think that is another thing altogether and relative to the next guy.


Originally posted by mrCow
great post aarzakk


Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

As he keeped thinking about the mechanics of the penis and erections.
I wonder if we also come to this problem, instead of being blissfully unawares. Knowing too much!

I think a smoking doctor is an inverted anology. He knows everything in detail about his lungs and the consequences of smoking but he is still able to smoke. :)

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

I was saying this a little tongue in cheek,as they say a LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing,alot is not-aarzakk.

Gentle Mr Justin agrees to all the above, especially to “big today, small tommorrow”

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