Knots on my penis


I know many of us have posted certain ailments or injuries we’ve sustained while PEing. I think a few of you have mentioned the same one I have. After a VERY heavy jelqing session about a month ago, I got 2 small knots (about the size of BBs) on the underside of my shaft. They became very red and sore when I PEed or had sex.

I went to my dermotologist today and found out that they were inverted hairs (very similar to ingrown). The doctor said he sees them all the time and that they normally occur during sexual activity

So, he injected them both with a hypodermic (yes, as in needle, but didn’t really hurt)) and they are subsiding. I’ll do a post in a couple days to let you know the end results. By the way, I had stopped jelqing and haviung sex (anything to avoid an erection) for about 12 days and they had gone down quite a bit, but not sure if they would’ve come back when the little guy next stood at attention. I’ve continued to hand.

So, if any of you have suffered this one, here’s the diagnoses and treatment for you.