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As for ol´Alfred and his cards: The only thing that´s harder to get than an accurate BP measurment is getting an accurate NBP measurment…

I always have some “give in” when measuring NBP. Even the slightest touch of the ruler/card pushes the skin and the fat in a bit, making it virtually impossible to measure NBP. Of course, you could always make sure the measuring device don´t touch the pad at all…just estimate the length of the part of the shaft that connects to your body. :) Ergo: NBP measuring is like trying to measure the distance from the water surface in a toilet bowl to the edge of the seat without getting the ruler end wet.

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Oh, just one more thing that makes measuring toilet bowl depth from the water surface easier than getting a accurate NBP measurment: you don´t have to try to keep an 110% erection when measuring the toilet….:)


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