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King penis

I agree with Wadzilla. The fact we’re debating whether BIB is really 10.5” without any actual visual proof is amusing. If Tom Hubbard had said he gained 4 inches we would all be using swimcaphangers. Even though BIB made a quality hanger and knows more about hanging than anyone I still think his gains and size are way too convenient for his BIBhanger selling business.

I can sell get rich books without being rich but if people think I was rich instead I would sell a lot more. I can sell expensive cars without knowing how to drive but if people think I own a jaguar instead I would sell a lot more. If mossies didn’t believe DLD is 12” they would all have joined thundersplace.

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I’ll make one final post in this thread and then I’m done.
Dino and Piet are right about Bib peddling his hanger over at you-know-who’s place.
If all of this high-fallutin’ talk about integrity and “not selling hangers for the money” were in the least bit true, then why did Bib take his business over to that trash dump?
Please….I couldn’t think of a sleazier place for him to re-open shop.
‘Nuff said.

- w a d

>>>any scandal can ruin you from becoming King of the Earth…

There’s an old Chinese saying “If you don’t want someone to find out you did something, don’t do it.”

Wish I could always follow that advice.

The reason I have and would continue to post pics of myself would be to show the PE community that it works. It’s a brotherhood thing to me. Help your fellow man sort of stuff.

My newbie gains took a while but were substantial over the first year. Things have slowed as I approach the end of the second year of PE. If I can squeeze out between ¼” and ½” over the next year that’s great. After that, 1/8” to ¼” is all I would expect annually.

The reason I don’t post pics lately is because it’s clear to me PE works. I have seen my own progress but do appreciate when someone else shares their progress too. Another reason I don’t post pics anymore is because I am concerned the IT guy in the office will see any attachments I send. (If he can see this message… Hi Tim!).

When taking bpel pics it’s not easy to do when you are straightening out your curve for maximum length. I need two and a half hands for that… one and a half to hold my dick against the ruler and the other to snap the pic. So I normally just use two hands to measure my dick and when I see consistent results… no matter how small… I usually post keeping in mind the PE community, their continued search for the truth, their continued search for help, self esteem, self respect, their efforts to make their dicks bigger… always humble and always honest.


PS… I am just a hair over the 7” mark now bpel… very exciting!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

So teorically we can say Bib is the bigger man at Thunders (known) ?

Thanks to all the inputs here.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Originally Posted by wadzilla
I guess a lot depends on outlook. Nobody can blackmail me because I don’t give a shit. It has nothing to do with money, but I suppose it depends on whether you grovel before other people’s opinions of yourself. Like I said, if you produce efficient, bug-free code, that does a lot and is competitively priced, I do not believe that you’d lose a deal over a stupid dick pic on the Internet (it’s not even porn, but a penis photo on a penis enlargement site).

Wad- I’m sorry what you do does affect what people think of your product, say you wanted to sell your efficient, bug-free (OK maybe if it was bug free but we all know that hasn’t ever happened) code that does a lot and is competitively priced and you are a lifelong member of NAMBLA then there will be a few people that won’t buy from you. Maybe posting a “dick pic” won’t deter most people but will it attract any customers? I think not so whats the point?

Would I compromise my moral code to make a sale? no. Is posting a picture of my dick part of my moral code? NO!

Originally Posted by wadzilla
If you want to take it down that avenue, you’re already taking a risk coming here. IPs are logged, so are ISPs, so it’s very possible to trace it back to you. So, would deep care if his software customers find out that his internet interests include visiting a dick enlargement site since Dec. 2001??

That is true- but assuming you are surfing from a company computer or better yet using your Neighbors Wi-Fi how easy is it to say this is “X”

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Life is a risk, and somebody can always find something untoward in our past. A bounced check, maybe a drunken episode in public, a business deal in which the other party felt cheated, etc. Again, I don’t give a shit. But that’s just me, and maybe some folks are to beholden to public opinion to ever understand that. But in some ways, the notoriety of posting a (big) dick pic could even attract attention.

I’m not beholden anything! I understand life is a risk but you should also weigh the potential reward of said risk. I really see no reward from posting a dick pic other than maybe some feedback from people and perhaps advice regarding what I could do to improve it. If people are fine without that sort of feedback- good for them. If they want it good for them too. If they make a false claim and don’t back it with a pic- F*ck them. If they make a legitimate claim and don’t back it with a pic… well f*ck them too. And F*ck the people that make claims and then back them up with Photo shopped pics, or people that make claims and back them up with pics that aren’t even of their dick. Just F*ck everyone.

As far as a dick pic attracting attention- maybe but probably not much in the way of sales.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
We’re heading into 2005. That puritanical shit is laughable. Nobody cares anymore. This isn’t the 1930’s. A window washer I once knew used to tell me that he’d occasionally see men in suits banging their secretaries on a desk - up on the 40th floor. The only scandal anymore is when there isn't a scandal.

Nobody cares anymore? you believe this? if so you are REALLY out of touch.

Cool for your window washer friend but I have no clue what that has to do with this argument?

That is so true though… remember all those celebrities, executives and politicians that had the “no scandal scandal” last year? yeah me either because while that sounds like a nice idea your no scandal scandal thingy doesn’t hold up.

PS- I never said I wouldn’t post my pics- I have (feeble as they are) Just that I can understand why people would not want to. But I guess my willingness to try and see things from multiple angles is just so 2004 of me.

Piet- what is “ppl”

I myself agree with ThunderSS regarding Bigger- and honestly I had no idea his size or gains when I purchased his hanger. As far as him selling it on you-know-who’s site- would you rather him not so the people over there end up with crappy hangers and broken dicks? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…

LUI- I love your last post!

Originally Posted by goingdeeper
First it is a pic..then they link it to a face..then they make a personal add..then they post your full nude on a gay porn site.

How on earth do you link a penis to a face? LOL
Do you really think a random penis pic on the net would be linked to you? There would be no evidence unless someone whos seen you with your pants down testified and even then who would beleive it?

I think thats a very weak and silly excuse.
I agree that nobody has to post a picture but if they chose not you then they must be subject to skepticism otherwise this place would be full of guys claiming monster dicks.

Btw what ever happened to that horsehung guy? Wasnt he supposed vindicate himself with some new measured pictures?

Just saw some pics of DLD over at his forum, don’t know if they are fake or not (didnt seem to, but as it happened once.) he claims to have over 11” or more don’t remember O_o

Abril ´04 BP 15.8 x EG 11.4 // Marzo ´06 BP 19.6 x EG 12.5 // Sept ´07 BP 20.3 x EG 13

GOAL: 20x14 - Big enough to make that ass cry for mercy!

When I google Ramrod, I don’t get any results. Thanks to Cappy, however, when I google Rodney, well, I get hits that link to Thunder’s. :smack:

By the way, are some members confusing King Penis with Biggest Prick on the Forum, and believe this thread is a contest?

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

The privacy question doesn’t have a simple answer. I suggest a Google search followed by a lot of reading.

Re: the newer demands for “picture proof,” my opinion is here.

Bib is an extremely stubborn man, but he holds true to his principles as he sees them. He is not a liar.

Originally Posted by Ramrod

By the way, are some members confusing King Penis with Biggest Prick on the Forum, and believe this thread is a contest?


:) Could be a contest, so far.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)


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