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Kinda Worried


Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
I think porn is like a drug. It starts with looking at some pictures and getting really turned on and in a matter of time, you need to watch videos because the pictures aren’t working the same anymore.

That’s true— I went through a stage where I didn’t have any pornography or watch any T.V. for about a year. After all that time I spotted a photo of a woman on the front of a (non-pornographic) magazine in a supermarket and totally got the sweats and a raging hard-on. I was getting hard-ons over women I’d see in the street.

These days I use porn to ‘inoculate’ myself against erotic images. I’ve spent years exploring and refining my tastes with regards pornography (at the moment I’m using only celebrity sex-tapes and excerpts from the high-production-value ‘experimental’ cinema screened at Cannes of mainstream actresses performing actual hard-core sex acts) and I still need harder and harder images because I see so much of it. After a few days of using porn for all-day behind the balls clamping to test the methods and equipment I was watching Gauge screwing some guy and it didn’t even give me wood.

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Originally Posted by Bird2
I am a 19 year old, just like fp20. Since I was 11 I watched porn nearly daily and my sex drive is higher now than it was ever before. I doubt that it looses its effect, or it would over a very long time otherwise I would have experienced it already.

I like the other suggest ins being made too and I have to tell that I am doing them too. Starting a kegel routine, adding some edging to your routine and using gingko biloba are very good suggestions. Try those too fp20.

Everyone is an individual and reacts different, however, when you are 30 and if we are still both here, please let me know if you can get it up fairly frequently using only your imagination.

For me and obviously many others it looks like porn needs to get more intense as time goes by to achieve the same satisfaction.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Hey, if you’re 19 and having erection issues, seriously look at what you’re putting into your body. Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is a neuotoxin to be avoided at all costs. Fuck supplements - you need to look at what you’re doing to create this dysfunction. Fruits, vegetables: eat to live. Real food. Blessings….


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