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Kinda reached a plateau, and issues w/girth gains

Kinda reached a plateau, and issues w/girth gains

Hey all, its been awhile. Basically, I’ve bene PEing since about 2005 now, mainly off and on but since about June of 06 I’d been going steady, gaining about 1/8” a month believe it or not. Now I got up to around 7 3/4”-7 7/8” NBP (hard to tell which its so close) and my gains have sorta stopped for a month and a half.

Now my routine equates to about 2 and a half hours a week of PE (30 minutes a night Mon-Friday normally). Probably get around 1 hour and a half of stretching a week, an hour of jelqing. Not alot but its worked for me so far. How long do you guys think I should keep at this before I change up the routine a bit? Its only been a month and a half and I did take a bit of time off around Xmas so I’m not sure its a plateau just yet.

Also, I haven’t seen much girth gains at all. I have been focusing on length, but since I’ve been jelqing I figured a bit of girth may come with it? I’m at 5” right now, and I think that’s pretty close to what I started at. Should I even up the jelqing and stretching more?


Hi LJ,

Keep doing the routine until you hit the 3 months of no gains. In my opinion you have hit a plateau then.

For girth I recommend that you add other exercises. Exercises that come into mind are clamping, horses and Ulis. Increasing the jelqing time might improve girth gains but your chances are much better if you add other girth exercises.


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