Killit's Wrapping Method

Hello friends -

I have been PEing for quite a long time in a very consistent manner and I would like to share what has really made me gain quickly.

I went through periods of months without gains in length and girth and I rarely measure. ( I could tell due to the way the condom fit)

My main goal in PE from the start was just to get better EQ and with practice I’ve made gains in length and girth.

Over the past few months I’ve been making some very interesting observations.

I have been wrapping my erect penis on my last set of clamping (3 x 10) while the clamp is still on, when I take the clamp off, I wrap the last inch or two while stretching penis outward.

What I am using for a wrap is a standard athletic wrap that is not self sticking. ( I just tuck the end of wrap under itself to hold the wrap)

The only reason I was sparked to measure my penis was due to the fact that I was having sex two days ago and I unwrapped a whole Trojan Magnum to the end and I had never been able to achieve this


In approximately a month of consistently wrapping my erect penis while clamped then removing the clamp when set is over my NBPEL has gone from 7 1/4 to 7 3/4. (Estimate due to condom fittage on 7 1/4

But 7 3/4 is measured)

I owe this huge gain to wrapping for 35 minutes after my last set of clamping.

Please ask as many questions as you would like because I believe this method will help many others in achieving their goals.

And well.. I do not have any goals so I will take what I can get.