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Key Variables


Key Variables

Let me start by saying that I have found this forum - and PE Forum - incredibly useful since being drawn into the world of pe-ing about six weeks ago. I have read both sites end to end and cannot conceive of a richer information resource.
I understand the risks of “newbies” endlessly rehashing topics which have already been done to detailed and satisfactory conclusion but one element of this whole activity seems more thinly covered than all others, namely that of training frequency.
I am a 42 year old recreational bodybuilder. After years of patchy maintenance efforts, I have in the last two years remodelled myself from a pretty flabby c.240lbs into a much more in-shape 260lbs, at 6ft2ins.
I work out in hardcore gyms where the average trainee is usually about 20 years younger.
It reminds me of my own younger days. One uses weights in one’s youth for a myriad of subtextual reasons - pent-up energy release, indulging social and competitive instincts with your peers etc. Youthful recuperative powers allow some progress but it is desperately restricted by this chronic overtraining.
These days I go to the gym to grow. This entails a brief, no more than 20 minute, visit approximately every three days, training two or three bodyparts with two or three serious work sets. It is remarkably effective.
The diet and the rest variables are easily taken care of; reasonably early nights as a norm and a combination of a very slight calorific surplus coupled with ample protein and plenty of liquids, fruit and vegetables.
Now, these pe boards are full of analogies to bodybuilding and I am presuming that the comparisons pass some scientific muster.
Which brings me the training frequency variable. I must admit that the last six weeks have seen me drawn into a five or six day a week pe pattern despite my gut instincts - I think there is a novelty factor to pe and such hugely attractive potential results that overtraining may be endemic.

Although I have already begun to see some very encouraging minor early results from this approach, as of today I am determined to drop back to an every other day approach, entailing an intense but measured and mixed 20 minute stretching and jelquing programme.
Now, my specific question for pe veterans are:

In their personal experience, what really is ideal training frequency?

I think answers along the lines of “it varies with the individual” may ultimately be a bit of a fudge as, with bodybuilding (without drug assistance), there are in fact pretty clear indications that even though many people will make some gains with fairly haphazard approaches, there is also a clear middle ground bandwidth of training/rest which brings good results to the majority of trainees.
I do think this question is hugely important. We have these fantastic resources regarding training techniques but this big question mark hanging over this central issue of optimal application.
I thank you for any advice in anticipation and will no doubt continue to learn lots more from this great board.

Good post and welcome, Malcolm

You mentioned ‘ideal training frequency’. Well, as in BB, the ideal will take quite a long time for us to determine. At this point we are simply using personal feedback based upon growth or non-growth results. Unlike BB we really don’t have active science on our side. So ‘ideal’ will be pretty hard to determine anytime in the near or semi-distant future.

However, depending upon exercises chosen there are theories available as to appropriate work/rest rates as well as the aforementioned results feedback. Here in general I will state what I understand to be the ‘generalities of work/rest’:

Basically a 2on/1off or 1on/1off schedule; however a 3on/1off rate is not too uncommon.

Current theory holds a 5on/2off schedule as fatigue is vitally important to achieve growth potential. Some are now experimenting with a 6on/1off schedule (including me, with great results). This is, of course, a weekly schedule. Within each day there are far numerous ways guys are going about their daily routine such as 1, 2, or 3 sessions a day. The main daily goal, however, is cumulative time spent hanging.

I hope this addresses your thoughts at the moment. I appreciate your reasoning and do agree that there is a general optimum work/rest rate for the various exercises, but it’ll undoubtedly be some time before we nail it down. You see, we are really in a pioneering phase of PE and trying new things all the time. It’s a pretty exciting timeperiod and I think you’ll agree as you keep up the PE.

Frequency of training is always going to be the main question everyone will have in the back of their minds. Here is one idea that I have…

I have been working on restoring my foreskin. I have read all the info I can find on the topic. Now, there is controversy on this matter of frequency of workout just like PE. The main consensus is a 24/7 mild to moderate pull on the foreskin to cause new growth of skin cells, not just stretching. Just like some of them tribal people that use wood to stretch their lips or ear lobs and other body parts, they wear the item as much as possible! The reason for this is that with to much rest, the skin will become stronger than what it was to start with resulting in a need for longer time to achieve the desired results.

Now the penis is not a muscle mass like biceps, pecs, or delts, but connective tissue. So if we apply the same theory as to foreskin restoration, could a mild to moderate routine that is performed through out the day be better than a one time very intense work out once a day followed by rest. If you can keep Henry under a mild jelqing and uli work out 24/7 where the tissue is in the stretching stage would that not promote new tissue growth? I know what you are thinking right now… “I don’t have time to do it all day!”

The idea of rest would be longer than a 24 hour period. Tissue, if worked every six hours, would not have time to revert back to the state of accustoming to the stress, thus keeping it in the stressed state would in theory cause it to grow!

Now I have not tried this idea with PE yet, but I intend to try it for two months for girth gains. Here is my idea for a work out…

Here is the times for the mild work outs—-> 6 am. 10 am. 2 pm. 6 pm. 10 pm.
And I will do 25 to 50 jelqs and 5 ulis.

Now 50 jelqs and 5 ulis can be done in a short time, so you can get away with doing them at work in the john. The exercises are done with mild intensity, just enough to keep it in the engorged state for most of the day.

Now I have no idea if this will work, but PE is not a science and we are all just basically experimenting and pioneers at this. I would like to hear any feed back from you guys about this!


interesting reading

Could you explain the PNF stretches to me in easier to understand terms? I didn’t quite grasp the definition. Cheers



PNF stretching involves a combination of alternating contraction and relaxation of both agonist and antagonist muscles.


Out of the three types of stretches, static, ballistic, or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, they now believe that static stretching to be optimal for tissue growth.

Static stretching is when you place the tissue you want to grow under stress and hold that stretch. This keeps the tissue under repair as you are stretching and to do this the tissue has to fill in the gaps, or divide to relive the stress that it is under, thus new tissue growth.


Showing my ignorance

Originally posted by Modemmer

PNF stretching involves a combination of alternating contraction and relaxation of both agonist and antagonist muscles.


This is more or less what was said on the site. They referred to quads etc. But what are those different types of muscles? For example a bicep compared to a tricep? A hamsting compared to a quad? If so, he PNF would be, for example, stretching the bicep (at the same time relaxing the tricep), and then vice versa? But is it a static stretch also?

Excuse my ignorance but I have little contact (outside this forum) of the English language and many a time things go straight over the top of my head. For some reason it’s like reading Russian. No matter how many times you re-read something, you can’t grasp it. It is very frustrating.


Yes, it would be in the category of static for the duration of the stretch, and would also fall in with a cyclic type of stretch.


Ok everyone, there is stretching for mobility and stretching for tissue growth. For obvious reasons we are wanting the stretch for tissue growth! Here is a cut and past from the Grip web site, this information is free and not a paid version…

You can find it here, and if you go to the bottom of the page you will find “Splitting Cells for Permanent Growth”

Here it is…

“When a penis enlargement technique is applied the tissue in the penis are microscopically split. This will create space in between the microscopic tears, which will fill in with new tissue as long as the area inside the microscopic split is kept open for a sufficient amount of time. This means we must constantly apply a penis enlargement technique to keep the space open until new cells grow into this area. This process is the secret to adding permanent growth to the penis.

The body’s natural regenerative process will heal these microscopic tears in about eight hours. For this reason it is imperative to maintain constant tension on the penis allowing room for new growth.”

Now taking this into account, maybe this can explain why some people don’t see gains, also this may account for the loss of gains in the long term. Maybe what is happening is jelqing and ulis only once a day or every other day is producing microscopic scar tissue through healing and this will help to hinder any gains we want to see from PE.


So to follow up on this, there maybe some great benefits to doing a light PE routine every 4 hours. This will ensure that the microscopic slits between the cells remain open for new cell growth.


For all that are intrested in this thread, it has branched off to…

All Day Broken Routine?


Hey busta.

I was just curious.

If you’re cut, why would you want to regain your foreskin?

According to most of the women I’ve been with, they like it cut… it’s supposed to look more clean or something.

I’m uncut. I keep thinking maybe I will, but then if I’m going to get bigger I think I’ll just fill the little jacket out…lol

Hit me back…!

peace yayyo

first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:

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another question for the veterans!


So preventing your body from healing as fast as it usually does would promote potential for faster gains.

I’ve also noticed some of the Vets in the forum have an extensive routine, of a couple times a day.

Here’s my question:

With your daily life,how do you fit all that pe-ing in? I’m just curious, because it does make a lot of sense… keeping the fibers spaced longer is kinda like micro traction.

I would like to explore this concept more…
looking for some advice with other people’s daily routines and how they fit them into their lives.

Thanks for any replys concerning this matter


first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:

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