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Kenneth Cole pants...


The guy in that picture must not do PE. :p

i had a nice lunch with the woman i desire at the office… we had a fun, pleasant conversation… but she didn’t grab my cock! What’s wrong?

Hahaha. We did have a nice talk about her hubby… and my wifey… and holiday plans… she was smiling… but i didnt catch her looking other than first thing this morning… she was happy and fun… i wonder if big cocks make pretty women happy and fun to be with?

Or am I (and many of us here) just reading too deeply into the whole thing?

I am enjoying prancing around with a bulge tho… it’s fun!

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most of the time women are too sneaky to be caught looking. Although I do occasionally catch one. She very likely noticed. I would wear this peice from time to time. make a mental note of how the interest shown to you in the future compares to how it was prior to displaying your wares. It should be interesting.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

luvdadus is right, women have better peripheral vision that men which means they can eye up a guy without looking directly at him…unlike us blokes who have to stare right at an object. This is the reason we get caught out by our partners for talking to a pair of tits of turning to look at a pretty girl whilst driving.


>luvdadus is right, women have better peripheral vision that men which means they can eye up a guy without looking directly at him<

Yeah but can they piss standing up?


Originally posted by SS4Jelq
Yeah but can they piss standing up?


The next step in the evolutionary train ;)

I picked up a pair at my local Nordstroms today.
I don’t think they show off a bulge particularly. Maybe a little more than usual.
They do show off the butt, and they do feel good.
Nice pants.

Mine were this model:…e=&pw=thumbnail


Hi there Godzilla,

Nice pants, I’ll try to look for it. I wonder, are there any KC here in Jakarta. Oh ya, why don’t you took pic of you in those pants, you make me wondering what it shows:) .

Like deSol, I checked out the Kenneth Cole pants at my local Nordstrom today. They had the same model that deSol linked—Kenneth Cole Pant Well Taken-II wide leg stretch pants. I happened to be wearing my Homedics velcro magnetic wrist wrap around dick and balls. Here’s my take on these pants:

These pants have a wide leg that hearken back to my bell-bottoms days. The pants are low rise and sit low on the front of the waist, a more restrained version of what all the young babes are wearing these days. I tried on a 40” waist, 34” inseam, my normal size. I found them to fit snugly in the butt, but not too tight—just enough to show your assets. The waist was loose enough that I needed a belt. Sure enough, the flat front construction combined with the polyster/rayon/lycra material really seems to show off your bulge. I could easily see the coronal ridge of my glans outlined and my bulge was fairly prominent. If you freeball, these pants could get you arrested.

I recommend the Heather Grey color for maximum visibility. This light grey color shows off more bulge and bulge details than the black color.

All that being said, personally, I’m 20 years too late to actually be wearing these pants. At age 45, I’m fully entrenched in the classic tailored men’s clothing look (e.g., Brooks Brothers; Hart, Shaffner & Marx; Hickey-Freeman). That’s what society expects of someone of my age and position and that’s the look I’m most comfortable with.

Nevertheless, you younger guys should feel free to go for it. You’ll definitely get some looks you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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Godzilla wrote:

“she was smiling… but i didnt catch her looking other than first thing this morning… she was happy and fun… i wonder if big cocks make pretty women happy and fun to be with?”

As a guy who before PE had trouble making a speedo bulge, I take great pleasure in catching the occasional crotch watcher.
The other day I was at the office in a pair of pants I don’t normally wear there (I put off doing laundry a bit too long). When I put the pants on in the morning, I thought to myself that I looked a little more “on display” than normal, but figured it was just the top-down perspective, and would probably be all right.
Now, there happens to be a very pretty girl in my office… we say “hi” when passing, and have had a few short conversations about mundane office stuff… but this day she seemed to be much more smiley than normal. Every time I passed her, she said “Hi, Johnny!”… a big, coy smile on her face… instead of the normal, half-hearted “hi” or “hey”. She even seemed to go out of her way to stop me once to chat… the whole time smiling, and even doing the “hair flip” once or twice.
Afterwards, I thought to myself, “hmmm… I think she may have actually been flirting!”. I remembered almost instantly the different pants I had worn, and looked down. There it was. I made a quick trip to the rest room to check a full-length mirror there. Yup… there it was, clearly defined and on display for anyone who cared to look.
Then I thought, “gee, I’m not even that big! Imagine what kind of attention I might get once I achieve my goals!”. I went home that evening and had one of the best PE workouts of my life.

(P.S. How do you guys quote previous posts?)

Originally posted by ThunderSS
Click the quote button at the bottom right of the post.

Oh thats how you do it… thanks Thunder

(sorry just being a wise ass)

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Thanks, Thunder.

BTW… I’m not that dumb in real life



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