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Keke, just read Bib's Theory...

Keke, just read Bib's Theory...

Ok so I am totally convinced Bib is a genius.

I was sitting there wonder how to find LOT, untill I realized it is the tugback of the muscel after applying tension to the shaft. I tested numerous times untill realizing I had felt that before during manual stretches. When I pull straight up (towards my chin) my muscles retract, thus pulling backon the head. If this is what the LOT is, then I have a 12:00 or 11:00 LOT. In comparison, I have gained 1/4” in a little over 2 weeks, and around 1/10” girth (measured multiple times and weighed against previous tests, not a ruler fluke).

Any ideas as to whether I am correct?

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First off, wellcome to T’s Place. Your LOT is not where you feel tug back. Everybody feels it at 12:00 just keep working your way down until you find the spot where there is NO tug back. That’s your LOT. The lower you can go and still feel a tug, the more work you have ahead of you.
And, if you’ve gained 1/4 inch in two weeks, that’s got to be some kind of record.

Good Luck

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I stop feeling a tug at 11:00..
As in I can pull as hard as I want (before pain) and my PC’s do not retract.

I also think the “.25 is included in the fact I have been working on and off at PE for around 2 months :$

Started: January 1st, 2004 6.6" x 5.2" Reaching for the skyy...

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