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This may be a stupid question but oh well basically I am confused about how am I supposed to do kegels, I know where the muscle is located but when you guys say squeeze do I just use the muscle like flex it naturally or literally squeeze it with my fingers? Please let me know.

Flex it naturally. The best way to learn how to do this is when stop your stream when pissing by using your muscles, not your fingers.

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Wow that’s great then I can pretty much do it whenever and where ever I want. But is it bad to do it a lot? Is there a certain limit? Say I’m bored at work why not kegel as much as I can?

In two years doing kegels I have discover a lot of things, I have even got cramps in kegel muscle!! First it really takes little time to you make you PC muscle strong, second I don’t know why if I make too much, my muscle got weak I think and I have problems to do more, third I have never discover a limit for a day, but I do a maintenance routine of 50 really hard and slowly push.

Damn if there is no limit and by it being safe I feel like I can do kegels through out the whole die I feel the muscle so easily and able to flex constantly.

don’t like kegels longterm.

8.5'' here we come!


I once read somewhere in a fitness magazine that kegeling can also increase girth over time. Could someone tell me as to whether or not this is true?

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