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Kegels for the ladies: how to do it?

Kegels for the ladies: how to do it?

So guys, I have not clear how to teach

to my girl a correct way to kegel.

Can you explain me?


Same as a guy…go to the toilet, start to pee and then stop it mid stream. Thats the muscle she needs to exercise. And believe me, it makes a big difference!!

yes, I know but…
after the great article of Westla
I was able to do a perfect BC routine.

Now I want to introdue my lady
to this gym, but I am confused…
they have to use both bc and pc?
I read the article but is difficult…

Can somebody write some easy instructions
for the girls, to do kegels?
How to contract the right muscles….



I’ll see if I can help you. Andrew is right in that it takes use of the same muscle. But here is how I think of it and how women may be able to better understand it. Try to get her to concentrate on contracting the inner vaginal muscles. When you do this, it also contracts the same muscle that it takes to cut off the flow of urine. But, if you tell her to try stopping herself from urinating mid stream, she’ll be able to feel what vaginal muscles are used and then can do it at any time. Chances are, she’s felt and used these muscles before and not even realized it. It’s also the same muscles that contract during an orgasm for a female, so if she can feel those “contractions” she can also identify them that way.

I hope this helps some.


wow so they are internal muscle of the vagina?

So you girls dont use the same bc pc muscle?

For us guys is different…

it’s a muscle located…outside the inner penis.

For you is internal?


Hi Xaixoit,

My basic knowledge is that the muscles inside are the pelvic floor muscles and include the Pubococcygeus and the Bulbocavernous muscle (amongst others?). Heres a site with some basic “how to kegel” instructions:



I’m not real sure just what muscles they are. I believe that they are internal for women since the vast majority of our anatomy is inside, but they are lower, very near the entrance of the vagina. At least those are the muscles I relate to when I do kegels. If she can just concentrate on exercising those muscles she’ll target all the right ones since they are all connected. It’s just easier to think of it in this area rather than way up inside where you can’t always feel whether you have targeted the right muscles or not.

Ok, here is a visual description for you (sorry if this offends anyone). Have you ever seen a stripper (or heard of one) that can eject (or rather “squeeze”) objects out of their vagina? Well, these are the same muscles that target our kegel areas. However, kegels do not take near as much concentration and are much easier to do since you are exercising the muscles in much the same way you would hold a tennis ball in your hand and squeeze it. But this may help give you a general idea of the area.


Great site Melvin, thanks!!

Women contract both the bulbocavernosus (BC) and pubococcygeus (PC) during Kegels. Men only need to contract the BC. See the first two illustrations in this thread. Look for the vagina in both. See how both the PC and BC surround the vagina? The PC is the “inner vagina” muscles and the BC is the muscle that contracts the vaginal opening.

now I get it!


There’s a book by Mantak Chia, Cultivating Female Energy, in which he discusses the use of a stone egg for doing female exercises. My wife highly recommends reading the book if anyone is interested in isolating the different vaginal muscles.


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