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Kegel help

Kegel help

So are there any devices that I can use to help with kegels?
You know, like ladies can use special weights are machines like the kegelmaster 2000 etc..
Is there anything like that for us?

Thanks guys


A wet towel over your erection. Raise and lower, one, two, three, four…

No, not really. Kegels can be done at any time with or (better) without an erection. Just contract and hold for a few seconds, then repeat. About 50 reps, four times every other day is enough.

See also: Locating the bc muscle

Yeah man iv been doing then constantly, they were something that I didn’t stop doing even after I st oped PE.

I was just wondering if there were any “devices” I could use.

What about electronic muscle stimulation (long shot)?

I can’t find an example online, but I’ve seen a device for men that looks sort of like a spring loaded stapler. You sit down and put it in between your legs under your balls, and then flex your BC against it, depressing the spring. It looked like an expensive extravagance. I think the same thing can be done just taking a towel or something, putting it very snugly under your balls right up against your perineum, and kegeling into it.

Otherwise, as Westla said, just try kegeling your erection against resistance, using your hand, a washcloth, or whatever fits. I have these little one pound wrist weights. Try using a finger underneath for help, as I describe here.

Here’s a google search that might help:…+kegel+exercise

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