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Keeping the gains?

Keeping the gains?

Ok, so we have all reached our desired length and width. Now how often must we maintain this increase? Is there a ratio of like a quarter of the woek into keeping it from getting it? Does width fly away first? Does length stay the longest? Does losing weight affect your girth? Has anyone been lazy and let ity go? Only to findit is much harder the second time around to regain it? TT

Well, I have not stopped long enough (at all) to see if my gains will fade, and I have only gained 1” EL and .25” EG in 5 months.

But, if I would guess, I would think that the retention of the gains would be in relation to how long you have had the gains. IOW, if you saw dramatic gains in a couple months and stopped, you may loose them quickly. If you maintain gains for say a year or more the likelyhood of them evaporating goes way down. Also, I would also guess that if you did loose gains that you could regain them faster than the original time it took to get them do to the tissues already have been expanded previously and some regrowth and arterial growth would have occured.


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