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Keeping length and girth in proportion?

Keeping length and girth in proportion?

After doing a few quick calculations, if i wanted a bigger penis, but in the same proportions as before, it would be 10 inches long and 6.8 inches in girth. Thats a lot of girth!

Does any one have ideas or opinions on keeping proportions. I like the long medium thickness look. What is everyone elses ideal proportions? Fatter? Longer? etc…

If my prong was proportionate to the average ratio, it would be about 8.25” around hehehe….

thats why I get bummed when I think that it’s only sub 6” around…..

quite ‘disproportionate’ according to statistics etc. :(

So my goal is to make it of a proportionate ratio :)

Horse, 10 x 6.8 sounds perfect……that’s 2 3/16” diameter which is not excessive. gives a ratio of length to girth diameter of 4.5. I’m trying for 9x6.3 (2”diameter midshaft) which is also a 4.5 ratio.

my 2cm

Well, my goal is about 7.5 x 6 - not really too far off. Because it is somewhat of a ‘hefty’ look in regards to proportion. I’ve seen some 8 inchers with 5” girth. Looks off, to me. I know that the proportion is what women look at when they assess a size.

Too, while I want that ‘oh yeah!’ look and response, I would never want to deal with someone thinking it’s too big. I’ve been there with someone (who was extremely tight and shallow) and it was a downer.

I think proportion doesn’t get at all the attention it deserves.

Proportion is important to me. I certainly wouldn’t want to get to 10” but with only 5.5” girth. I think the ‘long’ look can make your penis look bigger than it is! Maybe once i’ve got the length, i’ll concentrate on squeezes.

Horse, OTS seems to add girth as well as length if you hang.

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