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Keeping a slight all day stretch

Keeping a slight all day stretch

Since i have heard now that the penis may heal up larger if a stretch is placed on it after an exercise session i have a very crude(downright ghetto) yet effective device. I got the idea from pe forums, about bikers tying a lock to their dick to keep it stretched.

Well i take a piece of cloth(old t shirt) that is about 4 inches by 8 inches and wrap this around my flaccid shaft. Then take another piece of cloth that is less than half an inch thick and maybe 11 inches long and tie a lock to it. I then tie this to the wrapped piece over my penis.

Provides a decent all day stretch. Flaccid seems much bigger now.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week.

Originally Posted by Smallja
Mary was a dirty slut and that's why she got pregnant. She loved God's giant, holy penis.



Necessity is the mother of invention. As long as you are making some kind of gains (flaccid or erect), go for it.

The use of multiple golf weights worn along the shaft works well too for all day hang/stretch.


But if you’re wearing clothes, wouldn’t the weight hanging all day be useless unless you’re wearing a kilt?

Becoming.... Godsize

LOL! Prickle, that was the funniest thing I’ve read all day…. Funny and true….


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Back into PE after 3 year pause


Baggy shorts provide great room for hanging.


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