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Keep trying or changing routine

Keep trying or changing routine

How long do you guys think that one should stay with a rutine/exercise/hanging( or whatever) when you get no gains? I meen, how long should you keep trying before changing it to something else?

I have made my own ADS/extender. It stretches my dick with a force of 1-2lbs. I try to use it as many hours a day as posible. I have now used it for 300 hours with absolutely no gains at all. My flacid has become a little longer and a little thicker, but absolutely no gains in EG, EBPL or FSBPL. This is how I have been using it:

Date Hours
2005-08-13 5
2005-08-14 7,5
2005-08-15 8
2005-08-16 6,5
2005-08-17 6
2005-08-18 5
2005-08-19 12
2005-08-20 6
2005-08-21 12
2005-08-22 13
2005-08-23 11
2005-08-24 12
2005-08-25 13
2005-08-26 14
2005-08-27 6
2005-08-28 12
2005-08-29 12
2005-08-30 10
2005-08-31 11
2005-09-01 10
2005-09-02 6
2005-09-03 5
2005-09-04 8
2005-09-05 6
2005-09-06 6
2005-09-07 12
2005-09-08 5
2005-09-09 12
2005-09-10 5
2005-09-11 10
2005-09-12 6
2005-09-13 10
2005-09-14 7
2005-09-15 10
Total hours = 300

How long do you think I should keep trying with the extender until I can skip this thing? When I started I said to my self “if I reach 300 hours without gains I will quit”, but now when I’m there I dont know if 300 hours is enough to say that it doesn’t work. Just so you know, I’m sick and tiered of whering that thing.

The main reason I’m using the extender is that this is something I have never tryed before. My filosofi is that you must try everything at least once. But with my dick being 7,3x5,5 I dont realy care about lenght. I think my lenght is fine, what I realy want is girth. I would easely take a 0,5 inch girhtgain before a 2 inch lenghtgain. So this might also be a reason to skip the extender.

Then I have 3 more question

1. Right now I’m a a little bit sick. I have a cold and a little bit of fever. Can I still do PE?

2. When doing PE, should you always be able to have rockhard erections between PE sessions? If you do PE in the morning, should you always be able to have a rockhard erection in the evening then, or is it ok if you only get 95% hard? I only have to do very little PE to not be able to get rockhard erections. If you dont get rockhard erections, are you then alwayws overtraining? If that is the case, then I think I have always been overtraining in my hole PEhistory. Then I realy have to try the “less is more” aproach.

3. When you are done with jelqing or clamping och something like that, must your dick be swollen and big when flacid after the workout? My dick gets swollen and big but just for a few minutes, then it turtle in and looks normal again. The only time my dick has been big and swollen for a long time after the workout was when I was pumping and jelqing very hard for an hour (this was a few years ago). Then my flacid was huge a few hours after the session, but I got no gains from this and I got almost impotent.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

A) How do you know its a force of “1-2lbs”? Also, you’ve been wearing the ADS for one month. Surely you didnt expect growth in a month?

An ADS should be looked at as a supplement to PE, NOT a replacement. If you insist on just using the ADS, give it 6 months minimum.

1) Yes.

2) You should be able to get an erection thats the same quality as your normal erection. If thats “rock hard”, then yes. If you cant get an erection to your “usual” quality, then cut back on time/intensity/reps

3) No, some guys maintain the “pumped” look for several hours, some (me included) only lasts for a few minutes. You may want to follow Big Girtha’s advice of “never letting your dick turtle”, use a TheraP, or your ADS, for that matter.

Also, you’ve been PEing since July 1st, in question 3 you make reference to clamping, are you clamping? You shouldnt be yet, as your dick won’t be conditioned enough.

What is your current routine? Is it just ADS? Newbie routine too?

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Hello Slack

It is very easy to investigate how much force there is in my ADS/extender. I use a rubberband that pulls my dick. If I hang a 2lbs weight in the rubberband, it gets twice as long. Now I know that if I attatch the rubberband to my penis and then attatch it to my leg in a way so that it is twice as long, then I know it pulls my dick with a force of 2lbs. That is how I do it.

My ADS is like a jes-extender or Penimaster or Autoextender. It is one of those, but I have made i my self. On there webpages you can calculate how big your gains should be after using the device for 300 or 600 hours. The idea with the jes-extender and autoextender and penimaster is to use only this and gain size. I thought I would give it a try.

Yes I have only been using it for a month, but I have been able to put in a lot of hours, and that is what counts with this extenders.

I have only been a member here since July but I have been doing a lot of PE in the past. On my own.
Yes I have tryed a little bit of clamping and I like it pretty much.

This last month I have almost only been using the extender/ADS. I have done a little bit of clamping, just to try and the last week I have done manual streches 5 times a day. I use heat for 5 min and then stretch for 5 min. I dont need to do more than that to get the faticfeeling in my ligs.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

The “calculators” on the Jes site are, for want of a better word, crap, and have no logic behind them.

Also, the proposed gains from the Jes/PM etc, based on X hours of wearing are based on a constant tug of around 3lbs, not 1-2lbs.

So your ADS you made yourself, is like a Jes? But you also say its a rubber band attached to your leg?

Could you post pics or a drawing so I can get a better idea of exactly what your ADS looks like, so I can give some better advice?

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

I know that the calculators are not so god, but the give an idea about the gains. On the jes-extender site they also have a part of the forum where a lot of jes-users fill in how many hours they have used the jes and how much they have gain. some gain exactly like the calculator but most of them gain not that much.

I have red that the calculator is based om wearing the jes for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and with a force of 1200gram. I have been using a force of 1000g for the most of my usinghours. According to the calculator I should have gained 0,245 inch in lenght now(calculated with my own force and using hours). This dos not matter to me though. The thing I care about is that I have gained absolutely nothing. If I have gained nothing with 300 hours of use, why should I have gained anything when I have used it for 600 hours? That is my main concern. If I only had gained 0,1 inch then I would know that something is happening and then I could use it for 300 hours more and hopefully have gained a total of 0,2 inch at 600 and so on. But when I have gained nothing, then I’m not so keen on keep doing it.

How my extender look does not really matter. The important thing is how much pressure it puts on my dick and how many hours I use it. If there is a rubberband pulling the dick with a force of 2lbs or if there is a spring pushing the dick out with a force of 2lbs or if you just hang a 2lbs weight from your dick ┬ždoes not matter.Fysicalyy its exactly the same thing. You just have to trust me that is does the job.

I don’t think every exercise/equipment works for everyone. On the result-page of jes-extender, some people get 1 inch gain from a certain amount of hours. Other people get zero gains from the same hours of use with the same force and exactly the same equipment. My thoughts are, if you are one of those who gain almost nothing by using it, then it must be better try try something else. If I have got no gains at 300 then I don’t think I will have gotten any gains at 600 either. If I’m lucky maybe I get a 0,1 inch gain after 1000 hours but then its not worth it. Then I rather be working on girth, witch I wont much more.

To summarize things. You guys have to trust me that my ADS/extender pulls my dick with a force of almost 2lbs and I have today used it for 310 hours with no gains. Is that amount of hours enough the draw the conclusion that this exercise is not for me, I probably be better of doing something else.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

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