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Kama Sutra wasp stings for girth

Kama Sutra wasp stings for girth

I, after reading the text for the Kama Sutra have come up with a plan to increase girth using the common paper wasp.(burgundy body with alternating yellowand burgundy striped tail, see Ohio university web site for pictures) To catch and manipulate the wasps I use a type of lab tweezers that are spring loaded in a x shape and are 8 inches long. Once I find the nest I select a worker that is alone and catch it by the wing with the tweezers. Then I place it in a small jar with small holes in the lid. Then I hunt another nest to pick from. After I have three wasps then I can rotate them out in a sting session. And this is how I do it. Achieve a partial erection and use a pen to mark 1/2” circles every 1” around the base and a second ring of circles 1” apart just above your circ scar. These are your targets. Put the jars in your fridge for a minute or two. NO LONGER! You want to slow them down not kill them. Take all of the jars out at once. Select your first wasp and grab her wing near the middle with your tweezers. Only females can sting you. When you first grab her she will be mad so be fast with your aim. Manipulate your wasp/tweezer combo to target the circle. Once you have a single sting move on to the next circle target. when she does about two stings she will have calmed down so put her back in the jar and move on to the next one. When you finish you WILL jump around for awhile, but the reward is worth the Five minutes of discomfort. That night you will need a cot with a coffee can sized hole cut out in it or a place to sleep so that your dick can dangle down below your body. you will need to jelq with Olive oil for a few minutes just after the sting treatment and before bed the next ten nights you will sleep dick down. AFTER TEN NIGHTS do another treatment and then use a aloe jell to cool the burn. I was foolish and impatient and after five nights I gave myself a second treatment but the swelling wasn’t as prominent. I believe that the reason you would want to wait the full ten days is so that your body doesn’t try to develop an antibody to the venom. I am presently waiting the full ten days before my next treatment to discourage the build up of resistance to the venom. The first two nights you may wake up with the largest, itchiest flaccid you have ever seen. Just jelq for awhile then you will be able to go back to sleep, smiling from ear to ear. I have one warning, 5% of the population in the world is severely allergic to bee venom and it could KILL YOU, so check with your DR. to see if you are allergic to it. I do not want anyone dying just trying to make your dick girthier. Do not use hornets or yellow jackets in place of paper wasps they hurt alot more but don’t produce any better results. Do not use anything containing caffiene or aspirin during this treatment as they can retard the swelling that you want. If one has a severe reaction to the stings and wants to treat them use witch hasel on a cotton ball rubbing it on the penis. These were my results. (5 1/2” before to 5 3/4” permanent after treatment girth stats,and 6 1/2” girth during the swelling phase.) The sex during the swellling phase is AWESOME AS IT GETS!!!! Good luck. This is for info only and you should consult your Dr. before trying this or any other treatment for your body. I nor anyone else here At Thunders Place assumes any liability for any injury that you may or may not recieve. I know that I only had positive results from it personally and had to tell yall as well. If anyone else tries this please post in this thread. Thank you for your time because this is a lengthy post to read.

Actually when I did my first treatment I got two strikes close to the bottom of my dick on the front underside of my sack and it swelled good too. It would have been great for the bulge thread.


I think I will wait on this one. My monkeys are just not up for it at the moment.

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I got to go to bed now and put my new girth to work. I’ll check on this thread tomorrow. Good night!!! No wait, that’s what she said. Just kidding. See y’all tomorrow.

WoW… that was one long, swollen, bee-stung paragraph!

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Reminds me of the time that I was bit in the balls by a spider, at least thats what me and the ER doctor that eventually shot my left nut with benadryl (I think) to reduce the swelling thought. That nut has been bigger than my right one ever since.

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Like a fox. Anything to make it girthier, Right?

After I read GRX’s response I couldn’t go to bed just yet. LOL. Thank you Thunder for reading my paragraph and responding to me. It means the world to me. Most people think that I’m at least a little bit crazy and some get a daily laugh from the things that I am willing to do. But I am serious about this procedure and want to share it with the world.


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