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Kama Sutra wasp stings for girth

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Update on Stinging?

Originally Posted by ezoralman
Ok, thanks for the support.. It appears that it will rain on Thursday, so I will need to collect me yellow jackets on Tuesday and keep them for application on Thursday. Penis was still itchy this morning with a hard on! Still working, looking forward to Thursday. Note, I have been stung many times in the past and am not allergic. Please don’t try unless you are sure that you aren’t allergic. Also note that doctors use bee venom to reduce allergic reaction to bee stings in humans. My penis is still a quarter inch longer and almost a half inch larger in girth. Despite the folks that want me to stop, I will continue until I feel it is dangerous or I don’t have any appreciable increase.

Now that we are more than one year later, we would all be glad to hear an update with possible picture documentation how this experiment ended ?

I will be visiting the land of Kama sutra after 15 days. Any information you need let me find it there. It’s just 210 Kms from my city. Now don’t tell me to excavate wasps stings. Lol

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
People also used to inject themselves with mercury for syphilis, believe bleeding balanced out the body, and smoke copious amounts of opium and cocaine for every day pains.

There’s a reason why medicinal practices from a thousand year old sex manual are not practiced today. Mainly it’s because we know better. Have you ever read the real text version and not the illustrated guides? Technically you’re supposed to rub a mixture of mashed up wasps and herbs all over your penis for three days straight, while you sleep with it hanging out of a hole in a board, and then on the third day use a cooling ointment to bring down the swelling and cement any gains.. Which only lasts for a few months if you’re lucky and needs to be repeated to keep any gains. Gains which the books don’t even discuss in great length. For all we know it could be a mass of edema like after over pumping or a painful infection.

Well th system of wasps stings is only temporary. But our old sex manual knew a lot. I can tell you about what I know. Like tantric sex, yoga to increase sexual power, some herbs, soma drink ( LSD of indian sadhus 9000 years ago made from a Himalayan mushroom now extinct ). They knew about nitric oxide production and I am doing that. X and Y chromosomes were known to them. That is why we are never allowed to marry in the same blood line. We have a proper track of blood line. That is why Parsi and jews specially male gender is growing weak for they marry in the same blood line. They are prone to many diseases.

I think it would be better letting doubious genetic theories out of this.

Do you have any direct experience of wasps stinging your penis? It would be more on topic.


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