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Just wondering

Just wondering


I was just curious as to how many countries are represented on this board?

No problem-just being nosey….

Can’t imagine doing pe in Anartica….have to stick a finger in my rear and holler “snake” so it would come out….

How many there is? That is actually an interesting question, kinda. I don’t think there’s too much because probably 90% come from US. hmm.. Let me think what countries I remember have been postin lately…

<- Finland
New Zealand

…more? Can’t recall any African or South American nations represented. Let us know!

A Man behind his mask.


Imagine if all men were to engage in PE instead of the strife thaty exists between/among nations now.

Gee if Lennon were still alive this’d be a song….

Hey Cajun

Perhaps you’d be interested to know where the Bib hanger buyers are from:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Africa , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey and the US.

ù ì å í


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kind of an international effort…..

With all these countries represented, it would seem to make sense to at least try and do some translations of the faq, so that people have a good basis to understand the english posts even if their english is bad.

german descendent in brazil here


I better update that. A lot more now.

Austria, Bahamas, Chile, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, UK includes several to Scotland and Ireland.

I will try to update the states, etc at some point, but that takes a while.



Guess the Arabians got tired of their “Arabic Jelq” technique. Maybe call the BH the secret American PE technique. Bib, if your sons or any younger family member helped you assemble, technically you could say it was traditional wisdom handed down through generations:) . groa

you’re assuming it wasn’t an ex-pat order :)

At least the Bib is a device that works in all countries, though I had to change the plug on mine and it seems to be set to 110v ;)

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