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Just wondering what the averages are?

Just wondering what the averages are?

No, not the average penis size, or average gains. Those have been beaten to death already.

I’m just curious to find out what one can expect to gain in a year of consistent efforts. Yeah, I know everyone is different but there has to be some kind of average.

Anyone know and want to chime in?


Oh yeah, my wife wants to know too. She’s pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far and wants to know just how much we can add in a year. She likes it and is impatient for more.

Originally Posted by littlehobo
…. Yeah, I know everyone is different but there has to be some kind of average.

You are totally right about that.
Two PEers who have the same routines wont get the same gains. Two major factors for good gains are the routines themselves and its consistency. Both allow PEers to gain between 0,5” and 1” in length and 0,25” and 0,75” in girth within a year. For me, in one year, I have gained exactly 1” in length and ~0,6” in girth.

The answer is based on what I have read here. However it’s still unclear. Check the PE database and PEer progress reports for more significant information.



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

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