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Just wanting to introduce myself


Just wanting to introduce myself

Hi everyone, I’m just wanting to say hi to all of you and introduce myself. I have been reading about PE and practicing it inconsistantly since 1998. I am very open-minded ,humble and hope to learn something from all of you. I am so thankful that an active forum with honest and experience members like this one exist. I believe that this forum will be a very crucial tool for many of to reach our enlargement goals with. You guys have been doing exactly what it takes to reach goals. Find someone who has acheived a similiar goal and learn from them. Every one here seems to be so helpful and understanding. This a true enlargers heaven!

I’m a 22 year old white male, 5’7”, lean.
EBPL 6.75”
EG 5.25”

EBPL 10”
EG 8/8.5”

Like many of the guys here, I have been unconfident about my penis size since my first sexual relationship when I was 16. At that time my EBPL was just under 6” and EG??? I didn’t really care about the size of my cock much before that. I am the type of guy that puts others first, and in my relationship, I wanted nothing more than to completely please her.

She was 5’4” tall, 115lbs. ( just for size comparison) and had a very accomodating vagina. She had been in one relationship before we were together. We dated for a year and she had quite a sexual appetite. Her slit was longer than the 3 out of the 4 women that I have been with since. Also, she had larger labia, clit, and was wetter than the rest of them. Many times while fingering her, I was able to get all of my fingers in to my palm not knowing that vaginal fisting even existed. She broke me in. I felt inadequate, but I believe that I would have felt that way in any of the vaginas that I experienced since except one of them maybe. I was just quite unknowledgable about a woman’s ability to accomodate. No one else has ever turned me on like her again. I have developed a true size fetish since being with her, and love every bit of it.

I heard something about pumping while I was still with her and told her that I was going to start pumping. She told me that I didn’t need to, and that I was perfect. I mentioned it again another time, and she just listened and smiled. Sadly, things ended between us. I emediately hit the books. I read anything that I could get my hands on about sexual anatomy.

I read anything from books purchased from book stores, library books, to college nursing books. I then discovered the internet sometime in 1997. I found Dr. Joel Kaplan’s website along with a few others. On that site, I found Gary Griffin’s book, “Penis Enlargement Facts and Phallacy” that I am sure some of you have read. I learned a bit from that book and still feel that it was worth it even though it is filled with lots of “filler”. The information published in the book gave me lots of confidence. I found out that I was average, enlargement really worked, and that many comercial websites selling things exaggerate about gains.

By this time I had matured a little more and grown naturally to 6.25”. I then bought a pump, and foolishly ordered an enlargement program mentioned in the book using auto suggestion (RACA). I pumped like a foolish begginer and got the petiachie hemorages and the donut effect. (I began to read more and question the ability to gain by pumping since most of the gains were only due to lymphatic engorgement. ( I did still believe that true gains could be reached by pumping, but how long would that take?) I read Gary’s book over a couple of times and decided to try the Cartham method and tugging. I done this on and off for two years (never consistantly for more than a month or so. I lived at home with my mom and two brothers in a two bedroom, one bath house. I also was working and still in high school) or so before I dated another girl. I had grown to 6.75” (my present measurement, maybe due to finishing growing naturally also?????) by 5.25 EG.

This next girl was 5’7” (no kids/17yrs) and had almost the same size vagina as the first girl that I was with. She just didn’t get as wet. Her vagina was also just as accomodating. I told her that I was into pumping and she said that she would like to watch. Unfortunately we broke up after only 2 months for non sexual reasons.

I kept believing that enlargement was possible, but was upset with myself for not sticking with it yet. I felt that I needed more information about pumping and juelqing. I got on the net every chance I got, and seldom pumped. Then last summer of 2002, I purchased a laptop and got online while being here at college. I searched the net and found along with other sites. more penis seemed to be what I was looking for since It was based on juelq, had size survey results, and was not full of hype. The regimen was based on hot compresses, manual stretches, and juelqing. I was thrilled and my confidence was boosted again. Nevertheless, I still didn’t stick with it. I am sharing a dorm room and we have community bathrooms.

I dated three other girls (two that have had kids and had smaller cunts????) during 2002 and I am still seeing the last one. I had done like others here and wanted to wait till I reached 8” or so to date again, but I didn’t want to keep my life on hold.

I brought my pump with me this semester and have pumped at least 4 times a week for the first three weeks, then I have just been juelqing lightly 5 days a week while I learn more here at this forum.

As I have mentioned before, I am so thankful for this forum and all of its members. I will stick with it. I am not giving up or giving in! I just had to get my priorities straight.

I know that my size goals may seem like they are slightly in excess to some of you, but I would rather have a bit extra and enough to compensate for different positions. I don’t hope that my added size will help me find a well endowed woman that will have much in common with me. I hope to be able to visit this forum as much as possible and learn all that I can. I will post my information on the data page and my regimen in the ruotine forum. I will keep posting monthly measurements. I’m looking forward to exchanging info with all of you. I am open to suggestions of particular regimens to follow. I will probably follow avocet8’s regimen.

May all of us give it our best and help one another!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Glad you’re here bro. Your goals aren’t in excess, mine are close to yours (10 1/2 nbp). Just keep the faith and stick to it, cause “this shit does work”.

Thanks jojo

Thanks, I need the motivation that this forum gives me. It will help me to stick with it. I had come really close to doubting that enlargement was possible. I knew that it is all based on the principle of traction though and that all of the cells in our body are replaced by knew cells. Also if some African tribes can stretch the neck which contains our most precious nerve system and cause it to adapt to its taction. A pliable cock should deffinitely succumb to its pressures. It will, with time and dedication!

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

10x8.5. Your going to kill someone with that thing.


Maybe I’ll have extra length for some, but they can accomodate. I’ve been there……with other things….

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


I think you owe us a picture in the “member pics section”. BTW, what’s your girth, he? I bet somewhat around Kojak’s goal too! Better ask Kojak what to do with it, he’s been there with something else before.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

/Originally posted by holmsy?
10x8.5. Your going to kill someone with that thing.

it’s not what you got it’s how you use it. ask DLD and Bib


some could put a hurtin on one with a bit less…….

but, to play each partner by ear would make would a true lover.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

jojo, you’ve got to be kidding me. DLD and I think Bib are both in serious relationships where the woman’s pussy has had time to adjust. The first time your with a woman and you have an 8.5 inch girth you better have a shoe horn or else you have no chance. It would be so damn frustrating to get a woman into bed and then not be able to shag her because your too big. That would bring tears to my eyes. The good thing is that you would have one hell of a reputation around town.


Actually, I am not really all that interested in a reputation. I like women that have a little extra space.

Oh, excuse the typo above.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

good point holmsy

So holmsy, do you think that a partner should gradually be able to accomodate more the penis enlarger enlarges his penis. Probably so huh? If the two take it slow and have sex often enough. 8.5” is the exact circumference of a 12 oz. can. Yeah, many women would find that uncomfortable. 8” would be a little more appropriate maybe, not for me at this point though. I think that 7” girth would be the absolute best for most guys that like average vaginas or want to please the widest variety of women. I have read of a survey where most of the participants would choose for their cocks to be 9”x7” …..that was the average. It would be a Golden Cock for most women, granted that its owner knew how to use it.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Hi Kojack, and welcome to the best site on the web. With a girth goal of 8.5”s I hope you are ready for no more bj’s. I have met a few that could take that on, but not many. Find something around the house that you can just barely get your teeth past, and then measure it. (really, it is quite an enlightening experience. Let us know what girth you could take on) I have a small mouth and can just…just take on something equal to my own girth of 6.25”. Having written that, my tentative goal is 9X7 then reevaluate.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


could someone move this to the BS forum. That’s where it belongs. I have a certain feeling that some kids are kind of ‘discussing’ subjects they have no clue about. ‘7 inches girth for the average vagina…’ As I said - must be schoolkids having downloaded to many fisting movies on kazaar.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Re: Please

Originally posted by L born XXL buried
I have a certain feeling that some kids are kind of 'discussing' subjects they have no clue about. '7 inches girth for the average vagina…' As I said - must be schoolkids having downloaded to many fisting movies on kazaar.

Someone finally caught me out. If my long range goal is a girth of 7 inches I must be a school kid.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

First of all I must say that I am really pleased by the attitude on this forum. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about my posts, thinking they might be too offensive. But you guys always take it easy and show a great sense of humor. That’s great !

Then, regarding Iamaru’s targets, I don’t consider 7 inches of girth to be a school kid’s fantasy. Being at 5.73” I am not in the position yet to say it’s my goal as well (I first have to hit the 6” mark). But of course I’d like 7” in the future too. It’s just that 7” would not be ideal for the average pussy. It’s already a bit on the extreme side - at least from the woman’s perspective. E.g. when fingering a woman, from our point of view it’s nice to slide in a second finder, a third finger and maybe even a fourth finger. But in many cases at least after having inserted the third finger many girls will stop you. That’s my experience, and I don’t have fat fingers or something *lol* So why should they want to take 7” of girth? We want that they HAVE to take 7” of girth, and when we can only offer them such a fat dick, they will be willing to take it. But secretly they will put DICK SLIM FAST in our food to bring us back to normal…

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003


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