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Just thinking about growth

Just thinking about growth


I been thinking, why is it that some people get gains with no rest and yet others seem to make better gains with lots of rest. I’m starting to think that to grow your “penis only” you need to take a descent amount of rest for growth and the rebuilding of the damage we have done in order to force growth. So I’m starting to think that for jelqs and squeezes time off would help so our penis can rebuild and grow. Now I’m talking penis growth not lig stretching Now for ligs the complete opposite seems true that you need to break them down and keep them stretched so they don’t heal and become stronger and harder to stretch. I think thats why we get that tree trunk look down at the base. So long hanging sessions would seem to work better.

So I’m curious has anybody made good gains with short duration hanging say less than an hour a day 4 days a week?

And has anybody gotten really good girth gains from squeezes working it for long sessions with little or no time off?

So anybody have any thoughts?


I do a stretching jelqing program at the moment 5 on 2 off and I need those two days to avoid feeling I have a bloody pulp rather than a penis. 5/2 is much more strenuous than the 3/1 I was doing and I’m not sure thats better. I also took a week off recently and that it felt really good coming back in, like the time off had cemented the gains and I was ready for more.


Interesting theory, I hope a lot of members chime in on this thread.

I hang all day every day with reasonably light weight and seem to be gaining. I am also experimenting with a light pump at night to restore circulation and ‘rethicken’ the penile structures after a day of tightening down on them. I do agree that most of my gains are coming from the ligs/tunica, but I think I am also gaining penis size too.

I will be taking a break in a little over a week. I will measure before the break and after the break to see if there is any gain or loss during my rest period. I don’t know if these repeated observations over a few periods of extended time ‘on’ followed by a longer than normal time ‘off’ will help to further our quest to find an optimal routine, but the results will get posted as food for thought anyway :)

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I think you have a good point Dino; although its easy to fob off these differences in growth on different people’s ‘metabolisms’, there must be some fairly hard and fast rules.

I’ve just started hanging properly today and feel impelled to do a largish number of 20min sets, not from greedy amateurism but because I’m dubious whether it can have much effect if I only hang for an hour a day (especially since some days I may not get to hang at all) which would do nothing except delay my gains through jelqing.

I thought I’d made a great gain after my first real rest…it turned out that I was just using a different ruler :(


If you are going to hang all day I would suggest you read this post if you haven’t done so already- just food for thought :)

Got my first lig pop- hanging 2.5 lbs!

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


Thanks for the link 2in2002; you’re certainly becoming one of the most resourceful and prolific people, leaving Sandler quotes wherever you go :)

I’d seen it before but its had a couple more useful replies. Sadly, I won’t be able to hang all day - the typical wacky student hijinks I get into generally prohibits that. But *finally* having a room with a lock on the door means I can actually get a decent number of sets in (I’m aiming for 4 hours every day this week - it’ll go down next week, since I’ll actually have real work to do). At the moment I’m only hanging 2kg and don’t intend to go any higher for a while, like you suggest - the only trouble I’m having is figuring out when I’m fatigued.

Further thoughts

Dino, another thought that came to mind would be for those that are jelqing/squeezing and also hanging. Could you count hanging as rest from the girth exercises?

In other words, say a guy was doing serious girth stuff on a 2:1, 5:2 or whatever. Could this person hang during rest days and still get girth repair?

My initial guess would be no- even hanging from the base- but it may be worth enough as an idea for a few guys to try it and report back :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


I had to take the last 2 days off, I didn’t hurt myself but the big guy had more aches and pains than I could shake a stick at. “why anybody would shake a stick at something I don’t know it seems like a stupid saying when you type it out dont it” Well back to the story. My unit was pretty beat up my ligs hurt on the right side my skin around the head area was sore. It even was sore when I gad a hard on. I hated to give up two days because soon I’m going to have to really cut down on my pe, so I have been doing sort of shock routines, shock for me normal for some of the guys on the board


Dino takes days off??? Since when? :D

I was feeling some soreness this week too, but me being stubborn, I did my workouts anyways.

I wish all our bodies reacted the same. Then we could find that perfect routine and the perfect amount of rest days, so all of us would gain at the same rate.

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Your worse than me, or maybe just as bad. I’m back on today. At least I didn’t do what I usually do…..You know tell everybody I’m taking 2 weeks off and than take 4 days off. Mine and your pe time off is 1 week equals 2 days 2 weeks equal 4 days.



“why is it that some people get gains with no rest and yet others seem to make better gains with lots of rest”

We are assuming that everyone jelqs in the same way. It could be that the technique of some is better than that of others. You are the jelqing poster boy for this forum so I ask for your opinion on the following…

I want more length but I haven’t gained anything from 8 months of jelqing.
I have thought about how I jelqed and I see now that maybe:

(1) I should have been using much longer jelq strokes. 4 seconds as opposed to 2.

(2) I should have tugged harder on the swollen glans at the end of the stroke. Like a Jai stretch at the end.

(3) I should have kept an ok grip at the base while I jelqed with the other hand. Thus, keeping more blood in the unit to work with.

(4) I should have kegelled more often during the jelqing. Same as #(3).

(5) I should have mixed in more ulis.

(6) I should have added a flacid stretch routine before my jelqing or at least sometime during the day.

What are your thoughts on the above? What should definitely be done and what should not? Have I missed anything?

What about jelqing more than once per day? Is every other day better? I instinctively feel that rest days are important and I’ve read that long layoffs will cause a new gain when a routine is resumed. I hope that one is true.
What about overhand grip vs. underhand grip?

BTW, what exactly do you mean by grow your “penis only?” Are you saying that you never used stretches while jelqing?
I’ve read that if you don’t add stretches to a jelq routine then you won’t see length gains. Is this true in your experience?

I think the actual exercises need to be examined in
detail to insure that someones variation isn’t faulty and results in no gains. There have to be some hard and fast rules that apply.

Thanks and take care,


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I jelq all different way sometimes slow sometime at a nice pace but most of the time slow with a nice tug. I do a lot of Jelq squeezes and modified horses most of my exercises are at 90 to 100 percent erect which is no doubt dangerous to newbies. The veins in my dick are huge and I have a ton of them. If I tried the exercises I do now when I first started I would have blown out my dick.

As far as length goes I think I got more length with jelqing at about 70 percent with a nice tug.

I have also switched from 2 short work outs to one long one and I might be switching back. I can’t say for sure what way was better.


Thanks dino,

I now see what I was doing wrong. I should have tugged much more firmly at the end of the stroke. My stroke should have been slower as well but lack of privacy was wrecking any attempts at proper PE.

I assume you have been doing a 5 on 2 off routine. I also assume you didn’t stretch before your jelq sessions. Is this right?

What do you think of Magnum XL’s “Punctuated PE” theory? It could prove to be a useful test if you are getting resdy for a break.

Anyway thanks again,



My pe routine soon is going to be whenever I can get time, I hope to get up early and do a half hour squeeze and jelq routine. And if I have anytime at night a little stretching or hanging not very often. I used to to a 20 min jelq/squeeze in the morning and 20 at night, I think I got my fastest gains that way.

I have been doing a 6 days on and 1 off for about the last 6 months, every once in awhile I take a couple of days off.

Mag’s been around for a long time and he knows what he’s talking about. But you have to remember what works for me or him may not work for you. That’s why you have to try different things until you find what works.



I have been going for just length for about the last two months and I think I was ready to get a nice gain. But I overdid it with hanging and manual stretches and was getting fluid retention, very weird the dick looked really fat though. This is the 2nd day that I have had none so I might do so light jelqing tomorrow.

My length workout was pretty much hanging as much as possible and than super setting with some manual stretches, mostly the blasters. A couple times a week I would jelq/squeeze for health.

I was trying to prove my theory because I had a big girth gain when I wasn’t working to hard .5 a day i5 on 2 off intense jel/squeeze fully erect exercises and I gained .5 girth in 4 months. No length gain

So now I wanted to see if my theory that long workouts without any time off that was based on stretching ligs and the tunica would respond with a big a big length gain and therefore you should separate both into different workout to be done at different time, first you get length than switch to girth.

But now being hurt I have to wait and see, because now I added rest to the equation so even if I get a gain I have to ask was it from the rest although I pretty sure I had a gain before my injury and rest.



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