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Just started a Clamping routine

Just started a Clamping routine

Hey guys, I recently have started a clamping routine. I have done four sessions so far and each session consists of 5 minutes stretching, five minutes jelqing and 2 sets of 10 minutes clamped. I have seen many positive PI’s so far which I am very happy about. I recommend a clamping routine to anyone who has properly conditioned their penis over time.

I do however have a few questions about what kind of gains that may result from a clamping routine.

1) When clamped, the penis becomes extremely engorged.. Does this show the maximum you can gain in girth?

2) If not will the penis become more girthy while clamped every so often?

3) Has anyone recorded any major gains from clamping?


4) How soon can one anticipate gains from a clamping routine?

I look forward to hearing from you guys and appreciate any input you all may have.


Two words

Big Girtha

Do a search for his posts but remember that his exercises are the last thing a newbie should be doing.

To answer your third question, yes a lot of members at Thunder’s have experience serious gains from clamping.


At first the expansion you get is the maximum size your penis can expand to if you do everything right. After time it will grow more and be able to expand more after doing this for along time the expanded state becomes more permanent.

You can anticipate real gains like all exercises after around 3 months you should notice you’ve gained a decent amount. You might see small gains sooner though.

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