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Just Remembered And Old Article

Just Remembered And Old Article

I remember one day thumbing through a friends Cosmo or somethine similar. Anyway there were 3 ex girlfriends of the same guy comparing him and reciting their memories.

Anyway the first girlfriend who lost her virginity to him and he to her said he was huge, (The guy thought he was huge too), the last said he was just average.

I think this shows the disparity in women (yes small sample size I know) in judging size, also the effect of not knowing about size much, of course its going to seem huge 1st time you ever see one.

I wonder how many think their first is the biggest?
Why is it so important for many to be the biggest the girls had?
Why are women so crap at judging size?

You’re right extrauk! I had some virgins and unexperienced girls myself and when they saw my dick they all thought it was pretty huge if not very huge :) and I had only a mere 6.3 NBP x 5.3 dick. The more experienced ones said it’s average (on the lower side ). I also think girls are impressed by the first real dick (must be at least average) they see and it goes in they head that that’s the biggest -even if after that they see bigger dicks -

I also noticed that they really really suck at measuring girth - i bet that if they see a dick they can’t say if it’s 5” or 6” at girth

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That is a great point.

I have had sex with a virgin back when I was @6” BPL X 5.25” EG. It was horrible. It took 20min to work my penis into her, and she was in pain the whole time. She bled like a stuck pig. I didn’t even come close to reaching orgasm. She told me a few days later that she had stomach cramps for two days after we did it.

In her mind I must have seemed HUGE.

Then you have a woman who has had a child, how big can you really seem after she has pushed out a baby? (although my girlfriend has had a child and tells me that I am too big now)


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