Just jelqing and jai

Greetings! Just have a few questions.

I do not have enough motivation to do a full jelqing and stretch routine. So I have been doing jai’s in the shower and sometimes at potty break time (lol). And I jelq once in the morning and again for a bit at night too.

I don’t really need much as far as length goes, I’m already at seven inches BP, but I would always appreciate more length.

Am I on a good track, or would it really help to do more advanced, linger stretches too? I don’t want to (not that I’m there any time soon) get so thick that length gains are hard to achieve, I just don’t feel like donating huge amounts of time to stretching. Would stretching 2-3 times a week be good?

Also, with jelqing, I’m not always satisfied with the expansion I get. I’m not sure if my jelqing is doing anything, although many times I seem to get pumped up, I don’t seem to get a fatigued or worn out feeling from jelqing. I go by how my member feels, not by how many jelqs I do, since many of the jelqs I do, in my mind, are not fully effective ones.. I always seem to be too hard to get good expansion or too soft. Is the jelq sweet spot right in the middle? I get expansion when I am almost fully hard, but it feels like I am too hard to be messing with it.